Eggo Turns 50 & Gives The Gift of A New Cereal

Eggo, the ever popular toaster-made waffle is celebrating its 50th birthday and with it comes the release of a new Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal.

The new cereal features mini chocolate-flavoured waffle-shaped cereal pieces, dusted with a decadent chocolatey coating.

Launching as a permanent flavour, Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal will be available in stores alongside the already present Eggo Maple Syrup Flavour Cereal.

“We’re excited to have chocolate lovers and Eggo fans experience this delicious new cereal,” says Christine Jakovcic, Vice President of Marketing and Nutrition for Kellogg Canada, in a release today. “Canadians are pleasantly surprised to find Eggo in the cereal category. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the famous Eggo we love!”

Introduced in 1971, Eggo waffles have made serving a hot breakfast quick and easy. The famous “L’Eggo my Eggo” slogan was introduced the following year

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