Dr. Theresa Tam Wants Us To Have Fun – Here Are 78 Ways We Think She’d Suggest How

Dr. Theresa Tam, every Canadian’s favorite Chief Public Health Officer, has recommended that we take it upon ourselves to find ways to have fun as Covid-19 activity continues.

In yesterday’s release, Dr. Tam said, “As we continue our collective effort to maintain physical distancing, we need to take every opportunity to have fun and maintain important social connections in safer ways!”

Considering that Dr. Tam looks to be a really fun person, Trending Sudbury thought it would be interesting to step inside the mind of such a master of all-things-enjoyable and try to guess the suggestions of fun that Dr. Theresa Tam would have for Canadians.

1.  Stand in line at Costco and keep letting people cut in front of you.

2.  Call your best friend and have them tell you about their bad relationships.

3.  Watch an action movie with the sound off.

4.  Place an Amazon order. Stare out the window while waiting for it.

5.  Catch a city bus without checking the time first.

6.  Watch old videos of Joe Biden’s nearly 50 year political career.

7.  Set the timer on your microwave and  wait for it to go off while not looking.

8.  Rewatch Frozen.

9.  Call Bell Canada and wait on hold.

10.  Scrub the Elgin Street underpass.

11.  Read your junk email.

12.  Watch Washing Machine – The Movie, a film by Samsung covering a 66-minute wash cycle.

13.  Count clouds.

14.  Get Grandma on a Zoom call and organize your sock drawers together.

15.  Pre-slice your brick cheese.

16.  Check the accuracy of the weights listed on your unopened food items.

17.  Polish your trophies.

18.  Drive to as many Sudbury bus stops as you can.

19.  Keep a journal describing your snow-shoveling experiences.


20.  Count Walmart’s runaway shopping carts around town.

21.  Disinfect your spare change.

22.  Take a drive around and around Sudbury’s new roundabouts.

23.  Count your steps in Costco.

24.  Photograph the mailboxes in your area.

25.  Go through the dictionary and find each word that rhymes.

26.  Reminisce about your last staff meeting at work.

27.  Watch valedictorian speeches on YouTube from various schools.

28.  Go to Walmart a few hours before they open.

29.  Read books on property law.

30.  Listen to Ed Sheeran interviews.

31.  Go get stuck in traffic. If you get out, try to get back in. Repeat.

32.  Find a really slow public internet connection and browse the web.

33.  Drive to work and back on your day off.

34.  Fold your fitted sheets.

35.  Gather up items for a garage sale then put it all back.

35.  Rewatch the second bout between Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock from UFC 9.

36. Whip up some white rice.

37.  Drink your liquids at room temperature.

38.  Brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush.

39.  Spellcheck the books you have lying around.

40.  Read over the same paragraph 50 or 60 times.

41.  Tie a knot directly in the middle of a rope.

42.  Watch the hour hand make its way around the clock.

43.  Test out which liquids in your fridge evaporate the quickest.

44.  Break open an hourglass and count the sand using tweezers.

45.  Daydream about the interior of an Alfa Romeo 4C.

45.  Go through old school books and do some homework.

46.  Watch the snow melt on a warmer winter’s day.

47.  Watch your phone charge.

48.  Drive to North Bay and back.

49.  Go to bed right after supper.

50.  Have a Kevin Costner movie marathon.

51.  Get a fish tank but don’t fill it.

52.  Pretend it’s Monday.

53.  Check out a local online newspaper.

54.  Clean your baseboards.

55.  Choose a colour. Wait for a car with a matching paint job to drive by.

56.  Memorize the periodic table.

57.  Quarantine for twice as long as everyone else.

58.  Snack on plain rice cakes.

59.  Text your friends and count out how long it takes for them to text you back.

60.  Walk your neighbourhood at a quarter of your normal speed

61.  Roll quarters.

62.  Sit in your basement by yourself.

63.  Dry out some fruit with a blow dryer.

64.  Put together a scrapbook featuring all your favorite shades of brown.

65.  Videocall your uncle and get him to show you his disappearing thumb trick for a couple of hours.

66.  Watch CNN.

67.  Read the terms and conditions of your cell phone contract.

68.  Wash your hands.

69.  Play the quiet game all day long.

70.  Get constipated.

71.  Practice bending spoons with your mind.

72.   Chew each bite of  your food the appropriate amount of times. Count to be sure.

73.  Consider farming.

74.  Order in some bottles of water.

75.  Separate and organize a bag of mixed vegetables.

76. Watch insurance commercials.

77.  Fold towels.

78.  Take in a documentary about the history of Iowa.

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