Doug Ford Put Out A Video Telling People To ‘Stay At Home’ In 22 Different Languages & It’s Pretty Epic

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford is pulling out all the stops in his message to “stay at home.” In a video released earlier today, the Premier did his best to make sure all people of Ontario understood his simple message.

Doug Ford, the 26th Premier of Ontario, relayed the phrase “stay at home” in 22 different languages via a short but epic video. With the province of Ontario and, in particular, the Greater Toronto Area being one of the most multicultural areas in the world, it only makes sense that Ford try and do whatever he can to get the message out. 

It is of particular importance that this message get out right now because of the vaccine shortfall that has hit Ontario this week. Earlier this week, Ford expressed his displeasure with vaccine maker Pfizer to media before picking up the phone himself to see what was really going on. 

You can judge for yourself as to whether or not his pronunciations of the phrase “stay at home” are on point in each language but let’s all assume that his intentions are in the right place. 

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