Doug Ford Is Meeting With Ontario Hospital Leaders & Says Everything Is On The Table

OHA Doug Ford

Everything is on the table today when the Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, meets with Ontario hospital leaders. The meeting will also include Christine Elliott, Ontario’s Health Minister and Dr. Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer.

The emergency meeting is being held in the wake of a mountain of surging cases of COVID-19 in Ontario. Ontario hospital leaders have been expressing grave concern about the trends and tolls that COVID-19 is taking on the medical system.

The magic number that the Ontario Hospital Association is looking at is a positivity rate of 40/100,000. In these cases the association is recommending a total lockdown for 4 weeks in these public health unit areas.


The Ontario Hospital Association is reminding Doug Ford and the government of Ontario that Ontario is, “firmly caught in the grasp of a major second wave of COVID-19″.

The OHA is also warning that if the public chooses to ignore the advise from public health and if people choose to break these rules that the consequences could mean hospitals will become overwhelmed.

“Every health care system has its breaking point.” wrote the OHA

However, Doug Ford hasn’t said if these measures that the Ontario Health Association are proposing would affect Public Health Sudbury & Districts Health Unit. It shouldn’t because of the low case rate, but no decision has been made nonetheless.

Currently in Greater Sudbury’s health unit reporting area the number of active cases is at 10. This is a far drop from what we seen earlier when cases skyrocketed after halloween.

The total amount of cases so far in the Sudbury area is 250 with 240 resolved and 2 deceased. To break it down further, Public Health Sudbury & Districts represents Greater Sudbury, Sudbury District and Manitoulin Island.

The total number of cases for each are is as follows:

Greater Sudbury – 224

Sudbury District – 14

Manitoulin Island – 14

In the reporting area there are roughly 200,000 residents. The total test performed within the reporting area has been an astronomical 119,239.

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