Doug Ford Calmly & Professionally Reminds The NDP That There Are Already 10 Sick Days Provided By Feds

Andrea Horwath Lock down

The Ontario NDP were up to some old tricks again regarding sick days and Doug Ford wasn’t having any of it. During question period on Tuesday the Premier calmly and professionally reminded the NDP and their leader Andrea Horwath, that 10 paid sick days are already available in Ontario. 

Premier Ford explained to the Ontario opposition leader that all the Premiers and the federal government aren’t going to duplicate any program being offered. 

After Premier Doug Ford pointed out to the opposition that Ontario workers were eligible for 10 sick days, he went on to profess his disappointment for what he called “the leader of the opposition would be out there confusing people”. 

If you need to apply for the federal government sick days program you can do so here.

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