Doug Ford Approval Rating Up 24% From Start Of Pandemic

Its been a turbulent year for Ontario Premier Doug Ford. He has endured some pretty nasty battles since the beginning of 2020. However, in such a short time it appears as though he has steered the ship in a direction that most people of Ontario approve.

Angus Reid has polled the public on all of the Provincial Premiers in Canada and although Doug Ford is slipping from his mid summer fame, he is still leaps and bounds ahead of where he stood in February. The jolly old Premier of Ontario had seen some exciting poll numbers in the middle of the summer when he was bashing United States President Donald Trump over tariffs and cozying up to Freeland and Trudeau.

The summer of 2020 seen Premier Doug Ford at the pinnacle of polling in Ontario with an approval rating of 69%. Lately it hasn’t been looking so rosy for the Premier.

In just the past few months his approval rating has taken a bit of a drop. This could be suspected as he has been under fire from the feds and some of the opposition who have been taking the liberty of criticizing the Ontario Premier for just about anything and everything.

We have seen the NDP try and push blame onto Ford at a horrendous rate and if that continues you might see those poll numbers drop even further.

Even with all of the NDP’s continuous whining, the future might still be bright for Ford and his cabinet. Just yesterday Ford came out swinging when he demanded answers on when and how many vaccines would be available for the Ontario public. Also recently he has announced he put a COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force together spear headed by former head of the Canadian Military, Rick Hillier.

Should this undertaking roll out successfully it will be the single greatest accomplishment in decades. This could mean that the poll numbers we are seeing now have only the direction of up to go.

We will see how this plays out for Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservative caucus. With all signs pointing in the right direction and the light being visible at the end of the tunnel, it can only improve.

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