Deer Carries The Decapitated Head Of Its Challenger in Wild Video

Meanwhile, on the harsh reality of nature side of life, there’s a deer walking through the snow with another deer’s rotting head stuck in its antlers.

A nature photographer in Hokkaido, Japan, posted the unbelievable Instagram photo on Sunday, showing the deer, walking along, staring eye-to-eye with the decapitated head of what was clearly the buck’s last opponent.

What’s unclear is whether or not the deer’s opponent was dead prior to the tussle.

Male deer are pretty amped up with testosterone during their mating season. This big fellow might have been feeling ornery and picked a fight with an already dead deer. Removing the head from the already decaying body would have been light work for this Sika.

It’s also possible that these two met up while both were fully alert and ready to rumble. If that was the case, the head removal process was just a little uglier and took a lot more work.

Additional footage of the ordeal was posted to the instagram account of @natureismetal. The video can be watched below.

For anyone worried about the deer’s physical or mental health after seeing this footage, the photographer noted that the deer appeared to be doing just fine, regardless of the extra head.

As for the deer’s mental well-being, Lord only knows what the effects of staring into the soulless eyes of your fallen adversary for three or four months are.

In a caption beneath the pic, the photographer stated, “Hopefully this guy will make it to spring when he’ll be able to shed his antlers and his foe.”

An event that might lead up to such a situations took place in Calgary, Alberta, roughly a year ago, involving two deer that had locked their antlers.

After receiving a report of the two locked deer, Sergeant Scott Ballweit of Calgary’s Fish and Wildlife district separated the two animals with a crack shot. Ballweit blasted a slug from his 12 Guage shotgun directly into the antler of one of the very lively deer, ultimately freeing them both.

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