Deb McIntosh Flip Flops & Jumps On Anti-KED Bandwagon In Lead-up To Potential Mayor Run

With all of the rumours flying around about Ward 9 City Councillor Deb McIntosh’s ambitions to be the next Mayor of Greater Sudbury, she has firmly flip-flopped from her 2017 position on the KED and decided to tweet support for Fern Cormier’s recent rant about stopping it altogether.

The two-term councillor who once sat on the board of the Downtown BIA is now coming out against the KED after voting for it in 2017. Deb isn’t the first one to seemingly flip-flop on the issue either. In recent months a number of councillors have expressed concern over the project.

Coincidentally, this newfound public position against the KED comes after an historic ruling by LPAT which dismissed all of the complaints against the project. This right turn by Councillor McIntosh is also in direct contrast to what Mayor Brian Bigger had hoped for in 2021.

This latest change of heart by the Ward 9 councillor also sets up a clear difference in the directions the two representatives have for the city.

With the next municipal election looming in 2022, we could see a shift in policy and heels being dug in by councillors who want to disassociate with the direction the city is currently heading.

In 2017, Greater Sudbury city council, including Ward 9 Councillor Deb McIntosh, voted 10-2 in favour of the Kingsway Entertainment District.

Only time will tell which other councillors are ready to chance their political futures, flip-flopping on the issue.