Deamalgamate Greater Sudbury Facebook Page Pops Up And People Are Taking Notice

In recent weeks a Deamalgamate Greater Sudbury facebook page has popped up in Greater Sudbury and people are taking notice. In just under a few weeks the page has grown to a couple hundred people and has had some pretty serious engagement.

The page itself engages with the commenters and makes posts that the page claims are private messages residents of the Greater City of Sudbury are sending in. This page appears to have been set up by an anonymous person (someone who doesn’t want to be identified) as there really is no way to tell who the page belongs too.

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The description of the Deamalgamate Greater Sudbury facebook page reads as follows; We, the taxpayers of Greater Sudbury, are fed up. It is time to gather ourselves and make our voices heard. It is time to Deamalgamate Greater Sudbury. The page was also created on July 18, 2020.

So far this page has mostly been posting things about times the city has wasted money. The page has also made several posts from residents that have felt slighted by the city. Who ever has made up this page appears to be very determined to install change in Greater Sudbury.

With this page the question does come to mind, Are we really best serving the residents by being an amalgamated city? Many people don’t think so even outside of the facebook page.

There is a saying about our City and its a common saying that goes, what’s the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Insanity. Which seems about right because it has been a long standing tradition in Greater Sudbury that any type of change is bad change.

However, the divide is real and it has been that way for a long time. Many of the “outskirts” feel like ever since amalgamation they have been getting screwed. They feel like they had more services and cheaper taxes before and want it to go back to the way it was.

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One also could argue the same thing from the city residents. The residents of the former city of Sudbury are lacking some amenities that they are subsidizing in the outskirts. Many problems exist in Greater Sudbury and a number of those problems stem from a City Council that lacks leadership.

You could even take the Kingsway Entertainment District for example. There have been issue after issue with certain councillors that did not get what they wanted in the initial vote. They have created division unlike anything we have seen in this city in a very long time.

Our Mayor hasn’t done anything to stop the flames from spreading either. Mayor Bigger has been quite and non-confrontational when it comes to a project this size going forward in the city. Mayor Bigger has been lacking all leadership actually and that has also been evident with the city response and his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Nonetheless the Facebook Page Deamalgamate Greater Sudbury is still in its infant stage, but will be something to keep an eye on as there is an election coming up in 2022. Will candidates embrace the issue? Will some dismiss it as a distraction of real issues?

The one thing we know for sure is that de-amalgamation can’t realistically happen without the consent of the Provincial Government. This won’t happen until we have a council that sends a united, unanimous message to the Province or a referendum takes place. Until then we are the Greater City of Sudbury.