Crazy Crab Tries To Kill A Camper With A Knife & You Can See The Video Right Here

Imagine being woken up to the sound of something scratching on your tent? The last thing you would be thinking would be that it was a killer crab looking to stab you while you were asleep.

Don’t laugh to hard because this is exactly what’d happened to this camper, who was woken up at 2 a.m. to thew sound of scratching at his tent. When he went outside he seen this crab walking around holding a steak knife ready for action.

Luckily the man had the courage to walk up and snatch the knife away from the crab. Had he not had the courage he may have succumb to the killer crab.

All seriousness aside the video is quite comical and unique. How many times do you get awaken by crabs with knives while camping?

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Moral of the story is to always sleep with one eye open when in the woods.

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