Cara’s Convenience And Deli Mixes Pleasure With Pork & We Are Glad They Do

For anyone asking where to find some tasty porketta or chicken meals in Sudbury, Cara’s Convenience & Deli is looking to provide an answer with their new takeout options.

Cara’s Convenience might not immediately pop to mind as a place to be provided with some mouth-watering porketta but, now that you’re in the know, it might be your brain’s first pick to hit up for some oh-so-pleasant piggy.

Screen Grab via Cara’s Convenience And Deli on Facebook.

Located on Lorne Street in the Gatchel area of Greater Sudbury, Cara’s Convenience is in the same building as Tarini Bros. butcher shop. This could be one of the reasons as to why you are now able to purchase some delicious porketta meals for take-out at such a good price. 

As stated earlier, poultry is also a possibility at Cara’s, as a chicken meal can be ordered for takeout, too. Either of these two dishes are a nice way to enjoy a well-made dinner for a great price with little cleanup.

Cara’s Convenience also has a selection of sandwiches available that shouldn’t be overlooked! These sandwiches fit perfectly in the lunch pail for those miners and smelter workers heading into work for the dreaded night-shifts. On top of that, they’re downright yummy.

You really can’t go wrong when stopping in at Cara’s Convenience for whatever reason! Porketta and chicken are just a couple more good ones.

Cara’s Convenience & Deli 

Location: 1055A Lorne Street 

Website & Menu:

Store Hours: Deli Hours: 5:30 AM-2 PM Monday – Friday

Store Hours: Monday -Friday 4:30 AM – 9 PM

Saturday 7 AM- 9 PM

Sunday 9 AM-9 PM