Canada Avoids Aluminum Tariffs From U.S. With Help From Doug Ford

No one said it would be easy to discourage the United States from slapping on tariffs to the Canadian Aluminum industry. Fortunately enough some tough talk from Ontario Premier Doug Ford may have done just that.

If you can remember, back at the beginning of August the United States had said they were going to slap tariffs on Canadian aluminum manufacturers. At that time Trump blamed the manufactures for flooding the US with exports and killing American jobs.

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You may be asking yourself, how may have Doug Ford helped Canada from receiving aluminum tariffs? Back in early August when this all went down; the Ontario government put out a strong statement condemning the action. Doug Ford also went on TV during his daily COVID-19 briefing to display his displeasure with the proposed tariffs.

Doug Ford not only publicly shamed the United States President but also encouraged Ontario residents to shop local and to support Ontario made products. The theme of the presser was consistent with the message Doug Ford has shared since he shut down Ontario in March, buy local and support Ontario made products.

Doug Ford’s proclaimed us vs. them attitude and buy Ontario strategy looked to pay off.

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Yesterday the USTR (United States Trade Representative) released their statement on the Canadian aluminum tariffs. In the statement they proclaimed that the trade in non-alloyed, unwrought is likely to normalize in the last 4 months of 2020.

The Americans also stated that they would further review the situation at the end of the year. For now however, the Americanswill resume duty free treatment of non-alloyed, unwrought aluminum retroactive to September 1, 2020.

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