Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown Points Out What Everyone Outside Of Politics Has Talked About For Years

The Mayor of Brampton and former Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is on a heater as of late. The once shoe-in to be Premier of Ontario has pointed out a few things over the past couple weeks that people know, but most politicians are scared to talk about.

This all started on December 29th during one of Patrick Brown’s many TV interviews (which Brian Bigger who is the Greater Sudbury Mayor seems not to do) regarding Covid and his community. In the TV state of address Patrick Brown let out a dirty little secret that would have been called a conspiracy only months or even weeks ago.

What Patrick Brown essentially said was that a large number of people were coming into the hospital with covid and not because of covid. This must of rang some alarm bells somewhere because even the Province acknowledged it. However not to many reporters in the media across the country or province paid it any attention.

Patrick Brown even went on to tweet it out for many to see. The Brampton Mayor tweeted that:

Further, it needs to be noted that over the past week, more than 50% of #COVID19 positive patients at @OslerHealth were admitted due to the virus or respiratory illness, while the remainder came to the hospital for other reasons but were also admitted with COVID-19. #covid19ON

The outspoken Mayor of Brampton who was railroaded in his campaign to be Premier of Ontario has also came out and questioned Ontario’s healthcare system in general. This is interesting because many politicians are busy blaming the opposition, Mayor Brown is out identifying the problem and letting people who already didn’t know, that it exists.

What Mayor Brown essentially said is what Sudburians have know for quite some time, our public health care system sucks! The system is over burdened and underfunded with lots of red tape and upper management.

When Doug Ford was elected he promised to end hallway health care, which is expected because every political party says they are going to end it, even the ones that created it. It is reminiscent of the old we will finish 4 lining highway 69 in Greater Sudbury campaign promise. You can count on it being in their somewhere but only little crumbs can really be expected.

This is the same for the health care system in Ontario. As people are extremely upset with the new lockdown measures introduced by Doug Ford yesterday, once again Brown gives us a glimpse into what is really going on.

Mayor Brown tweeted stats that point out, Canada has among the lowest hospital beds per 100,000 people anywhere. This doesn’t really justify the lockdowns because Premier Ford had 2 years to build capacity. This is something China had done in mere weeks at the beginning of the pandemic.

If you look at the chart it is pretty clear what is really going on here. We don’t have a covid crisis we have a healthcare crisis and this is especially true in Northern Ontario.

Bay Street was built with INCO Ltd. Nickel from Sudbury and we have always been satisfied with crumbs from the province, regardless of who is in power.