Booking A Hotel On Expedia Is Simple – Just Follow These Easy Steps And You Could Save Up To 15% Or More

Now that the pandemic is safely behind us you may want to book a hotel room or a vacation somewhere. When booking you may want to use third party websites such as Expedia.

Should you choose to use and haven’t already done so there may be some hesitation at first. However if you are not scared to use these websites to book then you will find it is relatively easy to book online to travel.

Some of the advantages you receive by booking online are the reward programs that these websites, such as offer. You can get credit toward future stays at hotels and on vacations that you book on the site. That is a huge bonus, but first you have to know how to use the site.

Staying at a hotel or going on a vacation is a reason to destress and reboot the system. Just follow these steps below on and you will have no problem whatsoever booking and enjoying your stay.

Steps to book a hotel, flight or vacation on are as follows.

Log into site at and choose which type of booking you want to do. For demonstration purposes you can click the highlighted test in this step to find Last Minute Deals.

Once you have chosen Last Minute Deals by you will be prompted to pick which last minute deal you would like to take advantage of. For this demonstration we chose Cambridge Suites in Toronto because it was the first on the list.

Next step after that would be to choose the date for which you would like to check in and check out of the hotel. As well as this hotel you will have a list of a bunch of other hotels to choose from. The dates we chose for this are March 11th – 13th with 1 room and 2 travellers.

Once you select your hotel, number of travellers and dates you will be prompted to click the hotel. This will bring you to the next screen where you will choose the type of room you want to stay in. This hotel for these dates only has deluxe suite, one king bed with sofa and as such you click that option.

Once you have clicked the Reserve button you will be brought to checkout. In the checkout you will see the total price for your stay and be prompted to insert your credit card information and other personal details. For these two nights it would come to a total of $434.87, that’s with taxes included!

By following these simple steps you will be able to book a hotel room very easily through and in this particular case you would be enjoying 15% off your stay!!!!!

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