A&W Is Giving Away Free Coffee & You Can Get It In Any Size

A&W isn’t just the old burger chain where they come out on roller skates and serve you up a delicious burger at your car window anymore. Running now until January 17th 2021 the A&W is handing out free coffee if you want in all of its locations.

The organic coffee is available in any size so there are no restrictions on the size of coffee you can get. So if you are looking to save a little money to star the new year, this may be a good way.

A&W is certainly making a push to get more people at its locations with this promotion. The restaurant which is famous for its burger family isn’t handing out Doug Ford’s cheesecake. However, if the goal is to get you at the store to buy an all day breakfast sandwich then giving away free coffee may be one way of doing that.

A&W only serves organic fair-trade coffee. According to their website this means that the coffee plants they use are grown organically. They also boast that the farmers who grow the organic coffee plants are fairly compensated.

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