Active Sudbury Coronavirus Cases Remains Low

The active coronavirus cases in Sudbury remains steady as of Wednesday morning. Optimism is certainly in the air though as active cases remain low. 

The coronavirus wave that was expected to hit Greater Sudbury hasn’t really hit yet. As of April 20th at 5:00p.m. there has been 2504 tests completed.

These 2504 tests come out of a city with roughly just 160,000 people. Out of the 2504 tests 2039 have come back negative and 421 are currently under investigation. 

With this number of testing we have also seen 46 confirmed cases of the virus. Out of the 46 confirmed cases we have had 34 resolved with one of those resolved deceased. This means we have 12 active cases in the area. 

The numbers are a little surreal because out of a city of Sudbury you would expect much more cases. Also with the amount of traffic you see at local establishments it is a surprise we don’t have more. 

However the probable exposure of these cases may actually shed some light on the situation. As of now we have seen 84.7% of cases in the Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ area are a result of Travel, Travel and contact with a case or simply contact with a case.

Numbers like this might give some people an optimistic look at the results of social distancing and other measures that are being taken. 

It is also very important for the government to increase testing. One strategy being used in other countries is testing, identifying, self isolating and contact tracing. 

This strategy seems to be able to weed out some of the asymptomatic people in the public. It will also identify cases and reduce the exposure to the general population. 

Public Health Sudbury has recently increased its testing capabilities. They have 3 Testing Centres where people don’t even have to leave the vehicle to get tested. 

These centres are by appointment only and you have to be displaying some symptoms to be approved for testing. 

Some of the more serious symptoms that can qualify you for testing are coughing, fever and difficulty breathing. However newer symptoms which may be less severe have been added to the list. This symptoms include fatigue, muscle aches, loss of appetite, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste & smell and diarrhea. 

For more testing formation regarding testing and eligibility be sure to visit the Public Health Sudbury Districts website