9 Super Fun Ramsey Lake Skate Path Instagram Photos That Will Have You Skating This Weekend

The Ramsey Lake skate path has been one of the biggest hits this winter. Since everyone has been in lockdown and we haven’t seen an abundance of cold weather, this little gem has entertained many people thus far.

Since getting outside and collecting fresh air is key to keeping sane in these challenging times, the Ramsey Lake skate path is a perfect way to burn some calories, use up energy and have some outdoor fun. People have been socially distancing themselves on the long sheet of ice since it opened up this year.

However, if you still need some motivation to get you out and about then have no fear. We decided to help you want to get out there and bust a move by showcasing some pretty cool Instagram photos of people doing just that.

9 Super Fun Ramsey Lake Skate Path Instagram Photos That Will Have You Skating This Weekend

Its always refreshing skating down the path and seeing the monster snowflake.

You don’t need hockey skates to rip around on this sheet of frozen ice, so thats no excuse.

Lots of people are ready to socially distance and get some exercise on the Ramsey Lake Skate Path at all times of the day!

If you like taking Instagram photos with coffee then head out and hit the ice.

Skating with your friends can be fun, just watch out for those cracks in the ice.

Family fun for a Family Day weekend! Don’t miss this opportunity to gather as a family and have a winter wonderland.

Hockey skates or figure skates it doesn’t really matter use. The fun times will be had regardless of blade styles.

Whether its dusk or dawn you will absolutely love the way the light hits the ice.

You have a four legged friend? No Problem! Hit the ice and maybe even get a laugh while your fur bear takes to slipping around!

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