7 Sopranos Scenes That Could Have Been Filmed In 1990’s Sudbury But Weren’t

Isn’t there some nostalgia when watching The Sopranos and reminiscing about Sudbury. The Sopranos was a Newark, New Jersey based mob show, however the city of Newark has a striking resemblance to Sudbury. Especially in the 1990’s.

What comes to mind when people say The Sopranos? Probably the main character James Gandolfini and his brilliant portrayal of the mobster Tony Soprano. 

Sudbury is an industrial city and in the 1990’s it could have been used as a set to The Sopranos with its strikingly similar setting. Nonetheless if you could imagine these 7 Sopranos scenes and picture them in Sudbury this is what they probably would have looked like. 

The Introduction – Before the show starts the HBO classic had an amazing introduction which pictured Tony Soprano driving through Newark. However, Sudbury doesn’t have a toll booth but we did have and still do have some great old neighbourhoods and industrial buildings that could fit the wall introduction.

Imagine if you will Tony Soprano driving through the Gatchel area and then cruising through Copper Cliff. This would totally make the cut. 

Satriale’s Pork Store – This one is a no brainer. One day take a drive down Kathleen Street and at the corner of Frood Road and Kathleen you will find a European Deli which if it had chairs out front could most definitely double as Satriale’s Pork Store.

The Bing – In the 1990’s New Sudbury had a strip club named Solid Gold. The club could almost double as The Bing in The Sopranos. 

Tony Sopranos House – Sudbury has some nice homes nestled in some areas that people haven’t scene. Although the famous Sopranos house has never been duplicated in the area, Sudbury has some solid competition with some of its homes down by Long Lake. 

Sudbury even has areas named after ducks (Mallards Landing). Everyone who knows the show can certainly see the appreciation with Tony and those damn ducks. 

Johnny Sacks House – In one episode where Johnny Sack moves to New Jersey he is a house warming party. During the party they discuss how the area was being built up. This seems pretty regular to any city, but if you remember Dominion Park in the late 1990’s with its 3 or 4 streets you can appreciate the sentiment. 

AJ Soprano Vehicle Fire – In one of the later years of The Sopranos little AJ has a Nissan Xterra that he goes parking with his girlfriend in. During the autumn make out session the suv catches fire. This could be reminiscent of any little lame way in the West End where they are covered in maple trees and surrounded by nothing. 

Italian Restaurants – Vesuvio’s was the Italian fine dining restaurant that the Sopranos crew used to always like to go eat at. One episode in particular where a young couple is out to eat and the guy was wearing a baseball cap at dinner. Tony Soprano wasn’t having any of that and he made the man remove his hat.

These fine dining Italian restaurants come to remind us of Verdicchio’s. The most recognized fine dining Italian restaurant in Sudbury. 

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