7 Fun Things You Can Do In Sudbury If You Are Sick Of Sitting Inside

Now that these lockdowns have almost come to an end we can start looking out side for some fun in the sun. The summer in Sudbury usually comes in hot and leaves in no time so it may be even more essential to try some of these fun activities to soak in the Vitamin D.

If you are sick of sitting inside of the house or apartment and need a little inspiration on what to do for the time being in the Nickel City then check out our sure fire list below.

Outdoor fun in Sudbury is just a blink away and we have some good ideas for you to take advantage of the nice weather.

7 Fun Things You Can Do In Sudbury If You Are Sick Of Sitting Inside

Rollerblading – Rollerblading can be a fun way to take in some vitamin D. This is also a good way to get a little bit of exercise. If you are looking for a not so bad rollerblading spot then check out Delki Dozi, you may enjoy yourself.

Fishing – Fishing is one of Northern Ontario’s most sought after past times. With the over abundance of lakes in the city you certainly won’t have any problem finding a spot to dip your lure.

Skateboarding – Skateboarding is making a huge comeback in Ontario. The popularity of the sport is rising to a point where it is actually an Olympic sport now. With that said the summertime in Greater Sudbury is a perfect time to get on the board and practice those kick flips.

Tennis – Outdoor tennis is a perfect way to get some exercise and burn some of those covid calories off. If you are looking for a game of tennis with some of your friends it won’t be hard to find a court. Sudbury has tennis courts all over the city. Let the fun begin.

Golfing – If any city knows how to golf it is Sudbury. Greater Sudbury is home to an abundance of golf courses. What better way to get out of the house than to go out and hit 18 holes of golf included with that, a few wobbly pops.

Hiking – Sudbury has an abundance of hiking trails for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like short distance ones or challenging trails, Sudbury has everything for you to enjoy.

Mountain biking – Mountain biking is a great way to stay fit and see some wonderful scenery. You can jump on your bike and hit a trail from just about anywhere in Greater Sudbury. However, if you want to do some serious mountain biking you may want to check out Kivi Park.

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