7 Desirable Minnow Lake Streets To Buy A House On In 2020

The Greater Sudbury Real Estate market looks like it’s about to go through another boom in 2020. With that being the case the Minnow Lake area seems to have very little inventory on the market. 

One of the big selling and buying features for the area is the proposed Kingsway Entertainment District. The Kingsway Entertainment District or KED for short is a project that is suppose to see multiple amenities being added to the Minnow Lake area. 

The KED isn’t a sure thing though. Since it’s approval by Sudbury City Council we have seen some aggressive opposition to the project. Nonetheless the area of Minnow Lake seems to still be a hot spot for Sudbury families and how could you blame them. 

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Minnow Lake has some pretty solid infrastructure already in place that can attract families of all sizes. For most residents the area is walking distance to coffee shops, hardware stores, large retail outlets such as Costco and even one of the cities most impressive splash pads. 

Minnow Lake has a number of outdoor rinks for the kids in the winter and even a beach for those hot summer cool downs. It is perfectly clear why some families are choosing this part of the city as the location they want to raise a family in. 

Let’s turn to the real estate market in Minnow Lake. We are seeing some pretty low inventory in this area and some pretty consistent home sales. 

Since we are seeing that Minnow Lake homes being sought after in high demand we decided to put line 7 desirable Minnow Lake streets to buy a house in in 2020. 

For people who have recently been introduced to Greater Sudbury the area of Minnow Lake is at the East End of the Kingsway and generally runs from Bancroft Drive to the Moonlight Beach area. The homes are located on the South Side of the Kingsway with the exception of some commercial and industrial land where the KED is being proposed. 

If you want to take the time to explore the are you will certainly be impressed. Especially with these 7 desirable Minnow Lake streets to buy a house on in 2020.

7 Desirable Minnow Lake Streets To Buy A House On In 2020

Second Avenue South

2nd Ave S

Greenwood Drive 

Greenwood Dr

Bayridge Court

Bayridge Crt

Jeanine Street

Jeanine St

Prescott Street

Prescott St

Solstice Street

Solstice St

Equinox Crescent 

Equinox Cres

If you are currently looking to buy a home in the Minnow Lake area and have a reasonable budget these streets should be top of the list. These areas are perfect for raising a family and are generally filled with newer homes. 

The demographics of these Minnow Lake Streets and surrounding areas are wonderful. These streets do come with a price tag however and are selling anywhere from mid to high $300,000’s and up to and exceeding $800,000 in some instances. 

However, if you are looking for a nice area to raise a family in this should not be over looked. If you would like to speak to a real estate professional that understands this area fill out the form below or contact us and we will certainly pass your information on to them!