62 Active Covid-19 Cases In Sudbury 0 In Hospital

In what is shaping up to be a hell of an autumn with surging Covid-19 cases in Greater Sudbury. The surge in the past 14 or so days has seen over 60 cases in the Greater Sudbury area.

As of right now we have 62 active cases within the Public Health Sudbury and Districts reporting area. However if there is any good news out of this is that the 1 hospitalization that HSN was reporting has now changed to 0.

With the spike in cases we are likely to see some pretty intense public pressure put on the politicians to react in a way that may see some city amenities close down. This of course is complete speculation, nonetheless if we see what is happening around the world and follow the trend the speculation is not unrealistic.

The PHSD has refrained from publishing the locations of the individuals that tested positive as they site confidentiality.

However Loblaw Companies LTD. has committed a complete section of there website to inform the public of any of its employees that have tested positive on a presumptive test for COVID-19.

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According to the website 3 of the recent positive tests have come from employees of the Real Canadian, Superstore, located at 1485 Lasalle Blvd. The website gives the last date the employees worked and the reported cases date.

In this instance the website says the date is November 7 and three team members tested positive on a presumptive test for COVID-19. The last day the team members worked were on November 2 and November 3.


Hopefully this blip in the radar is short lived. The last thing we need or want, is another lockdown.

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