6 Ways To Improve Sudbury’s Community Arenas

Many of the arenas in Greater Sudbury are in need of significant renovations due to their age. Most of these arenas are at least 30 years old and have exceeded their intended lifespan.

The layout of most of these arenas was designed for a different time period and may not meet current needs. In terms of cost, it may be more cost-effective to renovate an existing arena rather than build a new one.

Regardless, if the city does decide to build new arenas, they should do it properly from the start rather than having to expand later. It is clear that many of the arenas in Greater Sudbury do need upgrades

6 Ways To Improve Sudbury’s Community Arenas 


Most of the arenas in Greater Sudbury have limited options. For parents of young children or teenagers who frequently visit the arena, it would be nice to have more amenities and improve the quality of the food available. Even just these small improvements would make a big difference for those who consider the arena a second home.”

Larger Lobbies 

Larger lobbies are necessary during tournaments when the number of attendees is high. By increasing the size, you can accommodate more vendors without disrupting the flow of people. It is one thing to have a few tables set up, but when there are 50-60 people standing shoulder to shoulder and teams coming and going, it makes more sense to have more space in the entrance area to allow for more vendors and provide room for people to congregate.

Increase Change Room Size

Most of the change rooms in the arenas in Greater Sudbury are very small. The limited space is insufficient, especially for families with young children where multiple parents are crowded into a small area. There is also not enough space for older kids, who are all piled on top of each other. The showers could also be made more spacious so that people over 5 feet tall don’t have to crouch to wash themselves.

Add More Change Rooms

This is a major issue that will only become more pressing in the future. Most of the arenas in Greater Sudbury currently only have 4 dressing rooms, which leads to players waiting in smaller lobbies before and after games and practices. With an increase in female hockey participants, there is a need for separate change rooms for players who are participating at the same time, even if they are on the same team. The city should address this issue before it becomes a bigger problem in the future.

Install Restaurants 

Many multi-pad arenas have restaurants on site. Although Greater Sudbury currently only has one multi-pad arena, there are plans to build at least one more. By having a restaurant and a canteen, people can order food such as pregame meals or post-game beers. This is a necessary step towards modernizing arena amenities and moving beyond the outdated options of the past.

Upgrade Seating Area 

Prolonged use of bleacher-style seating can cause hemorrhoids, which is not a laughing matter. It would make for a more comfortable experience for attendees if there were seats available or ample space for standing.