6 Ways To Improve Sudbury’s Community Arenas

The time has come where most arenas in all of Greater Sudbury need some major upgrading. Most of the arenas are at the very minimum 30 years old and have obviously outlived the life and times of what they were built for. 

The configuration of most of them were designed in a different era when there may have been different needs. When looking at the cost of remodelling an arena it may also make a bit more sense to do that then to build brand new. 

Nonetheless, if the city has a plan to build they should do it right the first time and not look to go and expand decades later. What ever the case is there can’t be any denial that most of the arenas in Greater Sudbury do need some upgrading. 

6 Ways To Improve Sudbury’s Community Arenas 


If you go to most of the arenas in Greater Sudbury the options are slim. For the parents of young kids or even teenagers, going to the arena may be considered a second home. It would nice to accommodate some of them and increase the selection of items they offer. At the very least the quality of the food. 

Larger Lobbies 

Larger lobbies are essential during tournaments when the crowd size large. By increasing the size you will be able to increase the amount of vendors in the lobby without hindering the flow of people. It’s one thing to have a couple tables set up but add 50-60 people standing around shoulder to shoulder and teams coming and going, it would make more sense to provide space in the entrance areas to increase vendors and allow people room to congregate. 

Increase Change Room Size

The change rooms size in almost every arena in Greater Sudbury is very tiny. The limited amount of space that is given is very inadequate. For instance if you have youngsters changing you will most definitely have multiple parents huddled in an area that isn’t very large. For the older kids there really isn’t that much room and everyone is piled on top of each other. The showers can also be made that someone over 5 feet tall doesn’t have to crouch to wash themselves. 

Add More Change Rooms

This is a huge one and will definitely become an issue moving forward. Currently a majority of arenas in Greater Sudbury only have 4 dressing rooms. This means you have players waiting in smaller lobbies before and after games and practices. You also have an increase in female hockey participants. This means that you need different change rooms for people playing at the same time regardless if they are on the same team or not. It’a going to become an issue in the future for obvious reasons so the city should get ahead of the curve. 

Install Restaurants 

Most multi-pad arenas have restaurants in them. Currently Greater Sudbury only has one multi-pad arena but there is talk of building at least one more. By having a restaurant and a canteen you can have people order food such as pregame meals or post game beers. This is all part and parcel of moving out of the stone ages when it comes to arena amenities. 

Upgrade Seating Area 

Continuous use of the bleacher style seating may cause hemorrhoids and that may sound funny but it’s not. It would make a better experience for the user if they are able to sit in a seat or have enough room for a standing area. 

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