6 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

People have different reasons for selling their home in the winter. For some people it might not be an option to wait until the favourable spring or summer market. For others it may be because they found the home of their dreams and want to get it done immediately.

Whatever the reason is for selling your home in the winter you will always want a couple things. These things will most likely include a high selling price and a fast sale. Let’s be honest here, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is those are two things everyone will want. 

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Should you end up listing your home in the winter you are going to want to ensure you do some basic things to help reach your ultimate goal of selling your home. What we have provided here is 6 tips for selling your home in the winter. 

6 tips for selling your home in the winter

Clean your driveway and walkways – In the event that you are selling your home in the winter months you will want to ensure a clean walkway. It will be in everyone’s best interest to have your walk way cleared of ice and snow. 

No one wants to go see a home in the middle of the winter and have to walk knee deep in snow to get to the front door. The potential home buyers will most certainly have an unfavourable impression of your home if they aren’t happy about this. 

Remove all holiday decorations – Look, you may think you have the best decorated house on the block but your taste might not be your potential buyers taste. The best thing to do after the holidays is return your home to a neutral status and pack away all your holiday junk. 

If it is February and your still rocking Christmas lights outside take those down. If you plan on leaving them with the house than do everyone a favour and just leave them behind in a box in a closet. 

Keep your home temperature comfortable – When it’s winter and it’s -30 outside the last thing people want is to walk into a home and take off their shoes and be cold. A warm inviting home is a selling feature. It will never get you more money but it will most likely help sell your home faster.

Keep the exterior of your home clean – keeping the exterior of your home clean will help buyers determine whether or not they like the home. No one wants to buy a home when they can’t see the shingles or gutters. Selling your home in the winter can mean a little bit more work for you but if the exterior is clean and free of debris you will have a better shot than the guy down the street with a disaster in there yard and on their roof. 

Showings during the day – If whenever possible have the showing of your home happen in the daytime. When you show your home during the day also ensure you leave your window coverings open to attract as much light into the home as possible.

You will always find that a bright inviting home will show much nicer than a home that is dark and drury. Make your home as inviting as possible because with a real estate market that has inventory on it you want your house to leave a great positive impression on possible home buyers. 

Showcase your fireplace – This last tip is a bonus tip for anyone who selling their home in the winter and has a fireplace. It will always be advantageous to you if you showcase your fireplace in the cold winter months. 

Nothing pulls at the old heart strings and opens up the imagination more than having a vision of sitting in front of that fireplace on a cold winters night. You can captivate your potential home buyers and bring some positive attention to your home by opening up the possibilities of those comforting evenings. 

If you follow these 6 tips for selling your home in the winter you will certainly open up the possibilities to attracting more showings and potential buyers. Of course if your home isn’t priced right it won’t matter what you do in the end but give yourself the best opportunity to sell your home fast and for the most amount of money possible. 

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