6 Times Premier Doug Ford Was Totally Phenomenal During COVID-19

Since the start of the pandemic the Ontario Premier Doug Ford has seen his numbers rise and fall. Fortunately for him though his poll numbers are still over 50% and he is actually still up 24% from the start. This has mostly to do with his competence in what he has done, especially in the beginning, with regards to the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

Doug Ford has had flashes of brilliance over the past number of months. The joly Ontario Premier has brought together a number of former political foes to work as a team and get stuff done. It wasn’t to long ago Doug Ford was one of the only Premiers in the confederate out there hustling and making deals to get PPE and other medical supplies delivered to Ontario front line and essential workers.

It has been a long 9 months though and the constant criticism from his political adversaries might be taking its toll. However, day by day we see a number of decisions being made that most Ontario residents certainly feel comfortable with him making. Could you imagine the members opposite and there chicken little sky is falling approach in a time like this?

Now that the vaccine is on its way and the light at the end of the tunnel is lit, we feel it may be time to point out some of Premier Doug Ford’s unlikely accomplishments. Given the Ontario response seemed heavy handed at times it was really only certain areas of the province that have been hit extremely hard.

6 Times Premier Doug Ford Was Totally Phenomenal During COVID-19

Doug Ford Teams Up With Hayley Wickenheiser and Ryan Reynolds

At the beginning of April, Ontario and other parts of Canada were struggling with a shortage of PPE. Thats when Premier Ford teamed up with some well known Canadians. While Trudeau was at his Cottage it appeared Doug Ford was out trying to make Team Ontario shine!

Doug Ford Takes on Donald Trump

At the peak of Doug Ford’s popularity this summer the Premier took the liberty of calling out the American President. Doug Ford wasn’t happy with the tariffs that Donald Trump put on Canada and Doug Ford let him know about it.

Made in Ontario

Made in Ontario has been somewhat of the theme of this pandemic. With Ontario being short of everything including PPE no one has been louder and more vocal in support of Made In Ontario than Premier Ford. Many times over the past year Premier Ford has aggressively called on Ontarians to support Ontario made products. Ford also vowed to never be beholden to other provinces or nations again when it comes to PPE for front line workers.


In what can only be described as an act of political bravery, Doug Ford not only reached across the isle but across the provincial and federal governments. Premier Ford may get bit in the future for cozying up to the federal Liberals, but for now it seems to have resonated with Ontarians.

Appointment of General Hillier To Oversee Vaccine Roll Out

The appointment of General Hillier to run the vaccine procurement and distribution in Ontario shows the residents that he is serious about getting this delivered without a hitch. The most qualified people to roll this out aren’t bureaucrats and Doug knows this. This is a job for people trained in our special forces.

Proclaiming The Easter Bunny An Essential Service

This happened in the hight of the coronavirus panic. While people where grappling with the first lockdown and schools being shut down, Doug Ford did what he could to put the youngest minds at ease. Ford’s compassion to the youngsters of Ontario is a prime example of how during a tough time leaders try and make everyone feel at ease.

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