6 Things You Should Never Say To A Realtor

People have a funny way of expressing their feelings towards Realtors. For whatever the reason Realtors are asked and told the strangest things. 

Sometimes you may even not know that you are insulting them or the profession at all. You just want answers on how to sell your house or ow to buy a home. 

The one thing people might not realize is that it is their job. How would you like if people expected you to work for free? How about if people lowered the value of how you made a living? Not fun right. 

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Well being a real estate agent isn’t any different. That’s why we are going to help you with your etiquette. 

6 Things You Should Never Say To A Realtor

I don’t want commit to one agent – Now you may think this might be ok to say to a newbie agent but it’s not. How do you expect the agent to commit to you and put your needs first if the person they are working with could split at any time?

Real Estate agents get paid on commission so why would they want to waste a bunch of time working with you for nothing? 

I want to be at all showings – Being at a showing of your home once in a while is OK. Unfortunately though when you are always present you are becoming a distraction. 

By being home during the showing process you are more of a deterrent for the potential buyers than a help. If the buyers have questions they can go through the agent and get the answers. 

Also your schedule may not lineup with the buyers and your agents job is to sell your house. Insisting on being home only makes the job harder and increases the potential of missing a selling opportunity. 

I’m going to wait to until I find a house to talk to the bank – This one is hilarious. Why in the world would a realtor show you 20 homes only to find out you can’t get approved. Even if you insist your credit is good and you don’t have any problems, you might be looking in a price range unsuitable for you.

Going to get pre-approved is the first step in buying a home. Respect the realtors time and do everyone a favour and find out if you are good to go first. 

I don’t want to bother my realtor can you just show me the house? – Seriously? You don’t want to bother someone you work with but you you want me to show you a home for free. 

Sorry but have some curtesy to the other realtor. Nonetheless if you are working with someone already, use them. 

You must make good money as a realtor? – Asking what a real estate agent makes is a total no no. Most of the general population has no idea the amount of fees the typical agent pays.

This fees that they pay come out of the commission they make. The amount of expenses they have is astronomical and it can become very awkward really fast when asking what they make.

Can you let me know the price of home sales in the area because I want to sell my house myself – This is also something you shouldn’t ask an agent. Their job is to sell homes so why would they want to teach you there job? Furthermore why would you expect them to tell you? 

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