6 Things Every Sudbury Resident Needs To Know About The AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

Health Canada finally approves the use of AstraZeneca, which is a third vaccine to fight the spread of Covid-19. What does this mean for Sudbury residents though? Well for starters it means that the more vaccines available then the faster we can get the general population vaccinated

Sudbury has recently seen a slight uptick in Covid-19 cases after a dramatic drop from a high of 99 active cases. The recent uptick in cases, which sees us currently at 36, has had some consequences as we have now seen a couple outbreaks declared in our schools. 

Nonetheless the news today that the AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved is welcoming. However there are some things you need to know. 

6 Things Every Sudbury Resident Needs To Know About The Astra-lZeneca  Covid-19 Vaccine

Efficacy – According to Health Canada the AstraZeneca vaccine is 62.1% efficient. This means it is less than the Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine in protecting from contracting the virus. 

Effectiveness – The AstraZeneca vaccine is said to be 100% effective in preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death. 

Who can get the vaccine? – Health Canada has approved the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in people 18 years of age and older. 

Storage – The vial can be re-refrigerated, but the cumulative storage time at room temperature must not exceed 6 hours, and the total cumulative storage time must not exceed 48 hours. After this time, the vial must be discarded.

Number of doses – AstraZeneca is just like the other 2 previously approved Covid-19 vaccines when it comes to number of doses. This means that you will need two doses of the vaccine to reach its maximum potential.

Geared for people under the age of 65 – when the news was announced today that the AstraZeneca vaccine was approved Premier Doug Ford said, “really geared for people under 65,” but said it was still “great news.” 

We intend to update all of our readers with any information pertaining to the fight against Covid-19.