6 Sudbury Blueberry Spots Perfect For Summertime Picking

Greater Sudbury might be famous for its nickel however the big fat blueberry might certainly be number two on that list. Every year at the beginning of July in Sudbury you will see cars parked at the side of the road. 

Why are they parked there you may ask yourself? 

These cars are full of blueberry pickers parked on the side of the roads and they are eager to get to work.

Some would say that picking blueberries is a delicate craft. You scavenger through the woods looking for that blue gold. Once you find it you start picking with the hopes of not running into a bear. 

Blueberry picking in Sudbury dates back generations. The spots aren’t scarce but the motherloads are. 

6 Greater Sudbury Blueberry Picking Spots That Will Fill Your Baskets

Garson Highway – You can almost drive on any highway in Garson and find a wonderful spot to pick a basket of blueberries. 

Skead Road – Skead road doesn’t really mean Garson Highway. If you want some big berries head toward the airport. That area is full of blue gold. 

Highway 17 Bypass – The bypass between highway 17 and highway 69 is a favourite for blueberry pickers. You will see dozens of cars parked there everyday. 

Wanup – If you go down highway 69 you can exit to head into Wanup. There you will find some spectacular blueberry patches. You have to go early though because the pickets will have already snuck in and took all the berries. 

Lively – If you head out to Lively and keep going out toward Centennial Park. On this road you will find a little piece of blue heaven. 

Hanmer – Ode to the Valley. If you want some blueberries you will surely find them there. Head out toward Hanmer and try back by Gravel Drive. You will be surprised at the blue scenery. 

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