6 Spots To Get Chicken Wings In Sudbury That Kick The Crap Out Of Porchetta

Sudbury is starting to gain some fame from its notorious porchetta, however the abundance of chicken wings are the real secret sauce of the Nickel City. 

You can go to almost any restaurant in Sudbury and find the tasty little treat on the menu. This doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore porchetta, it means the chicken wings are a good option. 

Listen, everyone loves a good porchetta sandwich, but the wings you can get in this city are second to none. 

We devoured an abundance of wings to bring you a top notch list of six places in Greater Sudbury that will not only impress you, but leave you wondering what’s all this fuss about porchetta? 

These 6 Sudbury wing places will kick the crap out of any porchetta sandwich you will have in the Nickel City. 

Dog House Downtown – One of Sudbury’s most well known downtown spots for wings. Rooftop patio in the summer is a must.

Dog House Azilda – This is one of the hidden gems of the city. If you aren’t to keen about entering the downtown then don’t worry the world famous wings can be picked up in Azilda!

Eddie’s  – This famous South End diner is a beauty. You can get mouth watering wings here and watch football for days. Enjoy the atmosphere and guzzle the pints with your favourite pound of wings.

Respect Is Burning  – Keep your elbows up and head down as you cruise Elgin Street on your way to Respect is Burning. This fine dining restaurant isn’t known for its wings however if you venture there you will want to try them. They are almost like a hidden menu item.

Tony V’s Pizza – If you can remember the powerful wings Ugi’s brought you then you will enjoy these. Tony V’s is a great stop in a Sudbury wing tour.

Overtime Sports Bar And Grill – If you are on Notre Dame and catch a craving for some wings you won’t want to drive past here. Overtime has some of the best wings in town.