6 Short And Sweet Road Trips From Sudbury That Aren’t To Toronto

If you are like us then you are just itching for a little road trip action. Even if that means taking a short day trip from Sudbury to anywhere. 

Long gone are the days of hopping in the car and scooting to the big city lights of Toronto for a shopping excursion or a day at Canada’s Wonderland. Hopefully those days come back soon and we are able to travel freely.

However if you just want to take a short trip not far away from home there are options. You may just want to hit the road for a few hours in any direction to get away from the excruciating hours we’ve all spent cooped up this past year. 

Taking a short road trip or a day trip somewhere can be fun and mind clearing. This is why we are suggesting taking these short and sweet road trips that aren’t to Toronto. 

6 Short And Sweet Road Trips From Sudbury That Aren’t To Toronto

Bridal Veil Falls

Just a short drive to Kagawong awaits a beautiful little waterfall. You can enjoy a dip under the gushing water or gaze at the marvel of mother nature. 

Sturgeon Falls Leisure Farms

If you are looking for a great place to go that isn’t far from Sudbury you have the spot. Leisure Farms in Sturgeon Falls has a wonderful setup for summer and fall activities. In the summer they have raspberry bushes for you to pick. If that isn’t your thing you can wait until the fall and visit their pumpkin patch and corn maze. 

French River Trading Post

If you are from Sudbury then it is pretty common to have some fond childhood memories of the Hungry Bear and Blueberry Hound. You may want to take advantage of visiting here soon because who knows how long this place will be around when the highway is 4 laned. 

Cup & Saucer Walking Trail

One of the worst kept secrets around is the tranquility of the Cup & Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island. The trail is a short drive past Little Current and you will be absolutely floored by the scenic views this place has to offer.

Halfway Lake

Halfway Lake is one of the most popular Provincial Parks around Sudbury. You can take a short drive to this park and take a nice swim on a not-so-busy beach. If you are to pooped by the drive you can spend the evening tenting in one of their many campsites. 


Fish and Chips anyone? Killarney is a short drive off of the main highway. Just before you roll into the small town there are some majestic walking trails for you to discover. The town of Killarney has much to offer and if you live fish and chips then you just might not want to leave.

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