6 Greater Sudbury Attractions That North Bay Wishes They Had

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There has always been somewhat of a rivalry between Greater Sudbury and North Bay especially when it comes to attractions. The two cities have competed for many years on investment and other opportunities.

Not only have we competed with North Bay on those but also in sports. Who could forget the old rivalry between the Sudbury Wolves and the North Bay Centennials? The match-up of highway 17, those were the good old days.

Looking to present day time though and the two are also competing for the illustrious tourism dollars that rolls through the province. However, since the pandemic has started everywhere that has tourism as an industry has been decimated.

The pandemic won’t last forever though and the tourism industry will be coming back full swing when its over. With the end in sight some cities might want to think about how they are going to market themselves in the post-coved world.

This is where Greater Sudbury has a huge advantage over our friends to the east. Greater Sudbury has a number of key attractions that North Bay wishes they had and we are going to outline them here.

6 Greater Sudbury Attractions That North Bay Wishes They Had

Science North

Science North is an obvious choice as a key attraction in Greater Sudbury. The unique looking snow flake shaped building is a huge attraction for science buffs. Science North is a great exclamation point for our city that is a main attraction for anyone who visits.

Kivi Park

Kivi Park is a newer attraction that provides fun for all ages. Whether it is winter or summer the south end site is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. In the winter you can take advantage of a skating path, snow shoe tails, cross country skiing trails and much much more. In the summer it is a perfect place to take a hike and explore the wilderness right in Greater Sudbury’s back yard.

Big Nickel

The Big Nickel or Dynamic Earth as it is called now is one of Sudbury’s most prominent attractions. Whether you want to stay above ground and tour the giant nickel or go underground and explore what it is like to be in a mine, the Big Nickel has something for everyone.

Ramsey Lake Board Walk

The Ramsey Lake Board Walk is a perfect place to take an evening stroll. This illuminated path that follows the shoreline of Ramsey Lake is perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Many first dates have taken place on this crest of Ramsey Lake.


Isn’t it just hilarious that our younger city to the east doesn’t have a Costco? Well if you are looking to shop and buy in bulk then you will be shopping at Costco. This huge retailer also draws a crowd from all over Northern Ontario and is one amenity that North Bay is lacking.

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is one of the true gems in Greater Sudbury. Just like Kivi Park the out door amenities are truly amazing. The place is perfect for hikes through bush. The wilderness in Sudbury is truly remarkable and any city in Ontario would be jealous to have what we have.

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