6 Challenging Sudbury Golf Courses That Aren’t Timberwolf Golf Club

With the warm weather just around the corner in Sudbury, it just may be time to take out the golf clubs. If Sudbury weather is anything like last year, the golf courses are probably going to be packed. 

Getting a tee time might be a struggle due to this but if you expand on your personal course selection, you may have an easier time finding an available spot. Plus, Greater Sudbury happens to have many challenging golf courses to help you hone your game or to just fire off some golf balls, hopefully into the fairway.

Sudbury golfers are very fortunate when it comes to course selection. The Nickel City has an abundance of golf courses to practice your swing. 

If you are excited to hit the links in Greater Sudbury and don’t want to travel too far, you will be in luck. There are a number of really good courses for golfers just minutes apart from each other. 

If you are a more seasoned golfer, you may want to check out some of Sudbury’s more difficult golf courses. Keep in mind, difficulty might not mean long. You may not find an abundance of long ball golf courses in Sudbury, but those on offer bring many challenges to the mental game of golf.

If you are looking to face a challenge while on the links and aren’t to worried about your score, then you will want to check out these golf courses right here in Sudbury. 

6 Challenging Sudbury Golf Courses That Aren’t Timberwolf Golf Club 

Stonehill Golf Club 

Location: 566 Silver Lake Road 

Description: If you want to be a billy goat golfer then this course is for you. At Stonehill you will find the challenge of shooting at blind holes all day. You also might need a cart because it beats climbing mountains to tee off. The wind may also play a factor in your score on any particular day. 

Lively Golf Club

Location: 305-A Sixth Avenue Lively, Ontario

Description: The Lively Golf Club is an older club in Greater Sudbury. The course is usually pristine, with some of the slickest greens in the North. If you are playing this course you will probably use almost every club in your bag. 

Monte Vista Golf Club

Location: 2516 Old Hwy 69, Val Caron

Description: The Monte Vista Golf Club is a unique 18 hole course crammed nicely into a small plot of land that you might not expect to find there. One of the hallmark characteristics of Monte Vista could be the challenge of their greens. If you don’t like 3 putting then you have to be a bit cautious. However, what fun is golf without being challenged on the aprons. You may need a little Sarsaparilla if you want to hit and stick at this place. 

Twin Stacks Golf Club

Location: 84 Smelter Road, Coniston

Description: Don’t be fooled by this 9 hole golf club. When golfing at Twin Stacks, you will love the openness of the course. Some of the challenges of this course will include keeping your eye on the ball. That is because of the picturesque scenery and the fact that it’s beside a runway. However, if you are looking for a challenging 9 holes to play, then this one might just give you exactly what you need. 

Forest Ridge Golf And Country Club

Location: 3525 Forest Ridge Rd, Chelmsford

Description: If you are looking for a golf course in Greater Sudbury that has easy pin placements then move on. The greatest challenge of this immaculate, well-manicured course will be keeping your ball on the green while pin seeking. Consider making your approach shot a well-oiled heat seeker if you are going to bring it in clean. 

Cedar Green Golf Club

Location: 100 Carr Ave, Garson

Description: Cedar Green use to be the go-to public golf course back in the day. The longer holes and some of the unique obstructions made this golf course one of the most challenging in Greater Sudbury for years. At times, you may find the grass a little long in the rough and parts of the course seem to be consistently under construction. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Just bring out the Happy Gilmore enthusiasm and think – a bad day on the golf course is  better than a good day at the office. 

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