6 Bucket List Sudbury Restaurants That You Need To Try If You Haven’t Already

You could put the words Sudbury, fantastic and food together in any sentence and, in most cases, you wouldn’t be wrong when referring to our local restaurants.

Memorable meals, good service, great wine; what makes for a ‘bucket list restaurant’? Overall, it’s a dining experience not to be missed, and, as stated, Greater Sudbury has plenty of wonderful establishments worth taking notice of.

With so many good Sudbury restaurants in the area, it’s possible you have missed a gem or two. Add the following standout spots to your to-be-checked itineraries because they are truly Sudbury’s bucket list restaurants.

6 Bucket List Sudbury Restaurants That You Need To Try If You Haven’t Already

Respect Is Burning 

Address: 82 Durham Street

Located in downtown Sudbury, Respect is Burning has been around long enough to know how to please patrons. They offer a wide array of meals and starters. If you are looking for well-prepared Italian food with a unique twist, you will have no problem finding it amongst their wide array of delicious starters or main course meals. 

Quick Suggestion – Deep Woods Bruschetta 

Tommy’s Not Here 

Address: 1889 Regent Street

The jewel of Sudbury’s South End could possibly describe Tommy’s Not Here. This upscale restaurant has dim lights and an ambient atmosphere, perfect for entertaining others or, even better, a romantic evening escape.

Quick Suggestion – Veal Caprese


Address: 211 Shaughnessy Street

Modern, cozy, and usually bustling, Alexandria’s has a long history of serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine that just might be two-steps above the best thing you’ve ever tasted. This spot is suitable for a steamy summer evening or a group dinner before heading out on the town. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. 

Quick Suggestion – Rack of Lamb

Bella Vita Cucina 

Address: 493 Kathleen Street

Bella Vita Cucina will open up your tastebuds to quality Italian food. No matter what you choose from the menu, you’ll be left feeling like the Warren Buffet of Italian meal picks. If you are planning to visit Bella Vita Cucina, be prepared to make a reservation because it’s usually filled to the brim with happy customers. 

Quick Suggestion – Risotto Silano – Mushroom and Sausage

Pasta e Vino Restorante

Address: 118 Paris Street 

A well-established Italian eatery in downtown Sudbury; the Pasta e Vino experience is almost perfect. If you want real-deal Italian food that makes you feel like you just filled your belly in Milan, then you will want to put this one on your bucket list immediately. 

Quick Suggestion – Gnocchi with Meat Sauce

Verdicchio Restorante Enoteca 

Address: 1351-D Kelly Lake Road

Verdicchio’s is one of Sudbury’s best known fine dining restaurants. You can always be certain that when you have a meal from the menu of this place you will never be let down. In past years Verdiccho’s has had a Valentine’s Day lineup that would make it the Tom Brady of eloquent dining. 

Quick Suggestion – Garganelli Alla Burina 

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