5 Things You Might Not Know About Sudbury Conservative Party Candidate Ian Symington

We thought it was interesting when we learned that Conservative Party candidate for Sudbury Ian Symington is a doctor, so we wanted to learn a little bit more. Over the past year we have asked some random questions to some of Sudbury’s most popular residents and we have learned so much. Earlier this year we asked Sherri K from the HOT 93.5 to tell us 5 things we didn’t know about her and we found her love of nachos to be unparalleled.

We didn’t stop there either, we also found out that the Ward 7 municipal councillor has a love for some of hip hop’s biggest legends. When we asked Mike Jakubo what his 5 favourite bands were, we were totally shocked to see Nate Dogg and Snoop on the list.

While listening to Sudbury Sports Podcast Behind the Bench we learned some highlight worthy things about Nick Foligno that most people probably never knew. For example Nick’s love of salmon for his pre-game meal.

When we were given the opportunity to ask the Sudbury Conservative Party candidate some questions we just couldn’t say no! We decided that since most people already knew the Conservative Party candidate from Sudbury was a doctor, that we would like to dig in a little further. We wanted to know some things about Ian Symington that most people probably never knew.

Ian Symington is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for the Sudbury riding in the September 20th federal election. With that said, here are some things we didn’t know about Mr. Symington.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Sudbury Conservative Party Candidate Ian Symington

What is your favorite place in Sudbury to spend a day with family? 

The City of Greater Sudbury boasts many incredible natural areas. A favourite spot for our family is Kivi Park. We love to hike, bike, ski and skate there. Kivi Park is a great example of a wonderful Sudbury family giving back to the community and having a massive impact on wellness and conservation. 

What’s one common trait that you feel all Sudburians share? 

I feel all Sudburians share a love of our community and are proud of all it has to offer. We also take every opportunity we can to share with others how wonderful our city is. I also believe that Sudburians have strong family and friend ties. I see families enjoying dinner together, playing sports, enjoying entertainment and the many other wonderful activities Sudbury offers. 

What is one thing that you would change about Sudbury? 

I would like to change its voting habits!! 

Seriously though I would like to see more people from Sudbury involved in shaping our community. We seem to outsource leadership roles in our community to those from outside our community and they often lack insight into our needs through their Toronto or Ottawa lens. I certainly believe we should continue to be welcoming to others and continue to attract outside talent but while ensuring we are not ignoring our homegrown talent. 

Who is the most influential Sudburian that you can think of? Past or present. 

Tom Davies was very instrumental in shaping this community through transitional years of governance. He always put people first and was not afraid to do what he felt was right even if unpopular or difficult. 

What should Sudbury be recognized for beyond the existing points of mining and lakes? 

Sudbury can be recognized now for many things beyond mining and lakes. We are the Northern Ontario centre of education and we should continue to grow this. We are a world-renowned environment recovery centre which can lead in climate solutions. We have research facilities that are ready to be tapped in health and innovation. Sudbury has seen a huge growth in movies and television series being filmed here. It is now not uncommon to see famous actors and directors here.

Sudbury also competes with major Canadian cities in its ability to host provincial and national sporting events. For example Copper Cliff hosted the All Canadian Little League baseball championships in 1980, and I was lucky to play in it (and help build the field). We have hosted the national championships, Esso Cup (for U18 women’s hockey) and Telus Cup (U18 men’s hockey) just in the past few years with great success. We have hosted multiple OFSAA events, the Canadian Brier and Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Little NHL, World Junior track and field, multiple swim meets at the LU pool and so many more. We are a community that can come together and make things happen when called upon. 

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