5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hot 93.5’s Sherri K

If you listen to Hot 93.5’s Morning HOT Tub then you certainly know exactly who Sherri K is… but do you really?

Over the past few years, radio listeners in Sudbury have been tuning in to the Morning HOT TUB with hosts Sherri K and G-Rant. The two have great on-air chemistry and are usually pretty up-front about sharing their thoughts, feelings and past experiences.

With so many stories told, listeners may think they’ve come to know everything they could ever want to know about Sherri K. Not Trending Sudbury, though. Surely, there had to be five more things that listeners didn’t know about the popular radio host.

Trending Sudbury reached out to the so-kind Sudbury radio star and asked her to dig deep for five pieces of juicy info that Sudbury radio listeners have yet to hear and she happily obliged.

Read on to find out what the five things are that you didn’t know about Hot 93.5’s Morning HOT Tub host Sherri K! 

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sherri K

I texted and recruited 4 friends to help me put this list together.

G-Rant will not tell me certain things BEFORE we go to air- so that the 5 people that listen to the Morning Hot Tub will also hear my genuine reaction. I cannot recreate or act out anything. Well I CAN. But it would be a dumpster fire of a performance. LINE?

I met Chad Kroeger and he was SO INCREDIBLY KIND! It was when I worked for a rock station on PEI. I am a Nickleback fan. I said what I said.

I’ve never met nachos (or a wine, really) that I didn’t like.

I have never purposely tented. I have been camping, but as a kid, my dad built a bed for me in the back of the truck and my mom, dad and sister would tent.  

Also, if you made it through the list – please donate to HSN’s 50/50 draw. This charity continues to do AMAZING things for Sudbury and we want to be able to give our city the BEST care. http://hsn5050.ca/

Whether you listen in the morning to hear the dynamic banter between the two hosts or to hear the rare time someone buries Sherri, Hot 93.5’s Morning HOT Tub is always a fun ride and Sherri K will always be one of Greater Sudbury’s favorite morning radio hosts and overall awesome people.

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