5 Things Sudbury Can Do To Attract More People

Sudbury is embarking on a high stakes matchup of attracting professionals from Toronto and larger Southern Ontario cities. This project dubbed Hit Refresh in Greater Sudbury attraction initiative is a good idea and hopefully it works.

The Nickel Capital has lots to offer that other cities generally don’t. However, there are still some major deterrents that can and will stall its success. 

A majority of these deterrents are also very easily fixable. Below we outlines 5 ways Sudbury can attract more people. 

Fix The Construction Mess – Sudbury has a mess with construction. Most of its construction during the day and not on evenings and weekends. This means that for a majority of the summer you have major arteries of the city blocked off or reduced lanes of traffic. Although people from other cities have bumper to bumper traffic for hours the sell is an easy commute, which is exactly opposite of what happens in Sudbury.

Build The KED – When people are looking to relocate to a city they will most certainly look at its entertainment amenities. This squabbling about the KED has left a massive black eye on the city and does more damage than good. The project was approved and has gone through the courts. It’s time to focus on building and attracting. 

Clean Up The Downtown – This is one of Sudbury’s dirty little secrets. The city has spent years and millions of dollars trying to fix the downtown, but it keeps getting worse. It’s time try something bold and new because you can’t market the city as having a vibrant downtown then when people come they witness what’s really going on there. They will pack up and leave as fast as they can. 

Expand Tourism & Business Opportunities On Ramsey Lake – Sudbury, the city of lakes. The reality is there are tons of lakes for people to take a quite adventure on but the opportunities being missed on Ramsey Lake are endless. The city has been blessed to have a real gem but hasn’t done anything to improve it. There are no shore side restaurants, shops, or anything. Could you imagine strolling down the shore of Ramsey Lake and having lunch at a boutique restaurant and do some shopping. It would create vibrancy. This something that is missing. 

Get Rid Of The Downtown Cemetery – The gesture and the awareness of the opioid epidemic in the city is noble. The problem is if you are trying to attract people and families to the city, why would they move to a city of under 200,000 with a crisis in their face. It may be hard to digest for some, but it’s not a selling point whatsoever and isn’t that the goal? Selling a lifestyle to families in Toronto to come and live here.