5 Things Growing Up In Sudbury That Were Completely Different Depending On Which Part You Lived In 

If you grew up in Greater Sudbury before the city was amalgamated you know things were just a little bit different. The type of lifestyle you had was probably not the same as someone who lived in one of the suburban areas. 

Greater Sudbury has a huge geographic location and the lifestyles differ from centre to centre. Before Greater Sudbury was amalgamated there was the City of Sudbury and the Regional Municipality of Sudbury. 

Some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. However if you grew up in a time when Sudbury was split there are some differences you would notice from what we have today. 

Riding the Bus – Before Greater Sudbury amalgamated the bus system was pretty much specific to the City of Sudbury. You could hop on a bus in the Donovan and go to downtown then transfer to many parts of the city within a 15 minute wait. Should you want to go to most of the outskirts you would be relying on different services. For example if you wanted to go from Sudbury to the Valley you would take the Blue Bird bus. Things were different if you wanted to go to Wahnapitae, you would have to take a city bus to Coniston and then transfer by taxi cab to the address in Wahnapitae. 

Shopping – Sudbury primarily had the Downtown and New Sudbury. The downtown had shops and the City Centre, which was bustling and had a good food court. New Sudbury had the New Sudbury Shopping Centre which was also busy. There was also a “Supermall” in New Sudbury which had an arcade, movie theatre and grocery store. There was no Costco, Lowe’s or Home Depot to go hang out at for kids. 

Recreation – Today it seems that every community has its own splash pad. This wasn’t always the case. You could generally be confident that if you lived in the old city of Sudbury you had much more amenities. Even though that was the case some of the outskirts also had their own things like ski hills and arenas. If you grew up in Garson you didn’t have the same skiing opportunities as you did if you grew up in Levack. Also if you grew up in the West End or Gatchel you had a cycling track and Queen’s Athletic Field to go to. 

Taxi Service – If you live in the Regional Municipality of Sudbury you pretty much were screwed if you wanted to catch a cab after the bar. Most cabs didn’t go to the suburbs or didn’t go from the suburbs to the city. If you were lucky enough to catch a cab  you would be paying a fortune. 

Bars – The City of Sudbury had an abundance of bars. You would be able to go out to a dance bar, metal bar, country bar or even a sports bar. However if you lived in one of the suburbs of the city and wanted to go out boozing you pretty much had restaurants turned bars to drink at. Most of these places had pool tables and maybe a band on the weekend. 

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