5 Sunday Hacks For The Perfect Start To The Week

Everyone wants to start Monday morning very cheery and with as little trouble as possible. That’s why these 5 Sunday hacks are so important to starting your week off on the right foot.

Lots of people go out and enjoy the weekend and rip it up. We are no stranger to that. In fact having a few to many cocktails on a Friday evening and All day Saturday may be quite the common occurrence. 

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It’s not just going out and getting blasted on the weekends that can affect your mood Monday morning. You may have a few kids all in organized sports. These sports may have you at an arena earlier than most would like.

So if you are a busy parent or someone who likes to just get destroyed on the weekends and has to work or get up early on a Monday, these simple hacks are certainly for you. 

5 Sunday Hacks For The Perfect Start To The Week

Wake up at a reasonable time – waking up at a reasonable time on a Sunday can be very beneficial. This will give you the energy to complete your hectic Sunday but also allow you to drain enough energy to have a good night sleep so you wake up refreshed on a Monday morning.

Sweat out the toxins – You have played hard all weekend and now it’s time to sweat it out. Try taking a sauna if possible. If you are a Finlander than you will already know the benefits of that. 

Another good idea would be to hit the treadmill. You don’t have to run a marathon but by getting your heart going and clearing the brain fog you will be able to enjoy your day. This will also help you at bedtime to get a good nights sleep. 

Organize your week in advance – You will feel great and refreshed knowing that your week is organized. This will allow you to fall asleep much easier and be feeling super refreshed come Monday morning. 

Prepare your meals – The one thing that can make life a little easier come Monday morning is knowing all your meals have been prepped for the week. You may even have a little more time in the morning to relax. 

If you have kids then this will be instrumental in getting ready Monday morning. Starting off your week with your kids school lunches already made will be a big plus. 

Relax, Recoup and Rejuvenate – After you have had a little sweat, organized your week and made your kids lunches take a little me time. By relaxing around the house you will be getting your mental state ready for the week at hand.

Enjoy your relaxation time because the work week is hectic and long enough. 

If you follow these simple little lifestyle Sunday hacks to getting going on the week you will certainly be feeling better. Make that time for you and enjoy the last day of your weekend. 

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