5 stores in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre that have great gifts for your spouse

With the holiday season come and gone we are now able to focus on general shopping in New Sudbury. The New Sudbury Shopping Centre has plenty of options for you when looking to buy gifts.

Should you be looking for gifts for your spouse or a significant other than shopping at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre may be just for you. The mall in New Sudbury has a wide selection of stores for both the husband or the wife in your life.

Many people might forget but the New Sudbury Shopping Centre use to have a Sears in it. The Mall which was dubbed the Sears mall for local residents has been a big part of the community since it was developed.

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Should you be looking for that perfect gift for your husband or wife you are in the right place when you go to the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. Below we compiled a list just for you so you can leave the guess work out of where to shop.

5 New Sudbury Shopping Centre Stores That Have Great Gifts For Your Spouse

Lululemon – Lululemon is one of the newest additions to the New Sudbury Centre. The legging store has every option available for women that are into leggings. The leggings you will fond at Lululemon are perfect for yoga, jogging, walking or even just laying around the house. The selection will certainly inspire you and your spouse.


Bentley – Bentley is a luggage store so this type of gift may even make a wonderful addition to the gift of travel. If you love to travel then this store will be perfect for you as they have everything one would want. You will find all types of suitcases and travel accessories in this New Sudbury Shopping Centre store.


Bath & Body Works – The Bath & Body Works stop is located right close to the food court. If you are looking for some of the most relaxing and healthy products for your spouses downtime this is the place to go. Bath & Body Works can provide you with luxurious body butters and fragrant lotions. The store also has everything that any beauty addict would want.


Peoples – Peoples is a popular jewelry store where you can find many options for your detailed needs. The store carries a number of products for both men and women. When you shop at Peoples you will find all types of nice jewelry at reasonable prices. For the men who don’t like fancy diamond rings Peoples also carries watches. You will find all different brands of watches at Peoples, so you won’t be disappointed.


Sephora – Sephora is a great option if your significant other enjoys skin care products. You will find masks, gels, makeups and all types of products that will enhance their personal beauty. Saphora is a very popular destination within the New Sudbury Shopping Centre and will most likely be one of the stores on her list.


Now that you have a little bit more knowledge on what is available for shopping in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre you can better plan your next visit. There are wonderful options waiting for you.

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