5 Simple Hacks To Be Eco-Friendly In A New Apartment

Are you one of those people who just moved into an apartment and love the environment? Sure you want to do your part to reduce waste and be eco-friendly, right?

With these 5 simple hacks to be eco-friendly in a new apartment you will on your way. Now lets assume you are moving into your very first apartment and are super excited! What type of things would you do to help your stylish new pad look amazing and do your part for the environment

The list isn’t long but with these extremely simple hacks we will help make your apartment eco-friendly.

Change The Lightbulbs To LED

Every time you move into a new apartment or a house for that matter you should change the light bulbs. When changing the lightbulbs you will want to replace them with efficient LED lightbulbs that last longer and take up so much less energy.

The environment will thank you and so will your pocketbook because if you are paying for electricity then your monthly bills will likely be less. Now how does that sound for starters?

Change The Shower Heads

When moving into an apartment you are most likely not going to have the creme de la creme of shower heads. Changing shower heads out will be one of the most easiest changes you can make. If you like to look good and feel good then why not take the most comfortable showers while minimizing your water usage.

By changing the shower head to one that is efficient you will not only look good and feel good but you are certainly doing your part for the environment.

Properly Winter Proof Your Apartment

Lets be honest, this one is probably one of the most expensive options you can do but will have the most impact on your home heating usage and costs! You will want to ensure that all drafts are sealed and that all your windows are not letting heat escape.

To ensure your windows are not letting heat escape you will most likely going to want to put plastic around the edges and to cover the windows. This will keep heat into your apartment and also keep your heating costs down.

As for drafts it is always nice to have a type of door object that covers the bottom of your main entrance or entrance to any patio that you have. This can also be a towel, but you can find other stylish things on amazon if you wish.

Change Your Fridge

You may want to start looking at your appliances when moving into a new apartment. The appliances that you are provided with may just be one of the highest energy sucking things you have located in the apartment. By changing the fridge out to one that is an energy efficient beast you will certainly save not only on energy costs but help the environment at the same time.

Purchase a Dishwasher

By purchasing a dishwasher you are saving on water consumption. The amount of water it takes to hand wash and rinse dishes is astronomical compared to what a modern dishwasher uses.

If you don’t have a spot to insert a built in dishwasher then don’t worry. There are many new stylish dishwashers on the market that are perfect for any apartment. They come in all sizes as well so you really have no excuse to not have one of these.

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Try following these little hacks to be eco-friendly in an apartment. You will be doing your part for the environment and saving money at the same time. Don’t forget to share this list of amazing lifestyle hacks and to follow us on instagram and facebook!

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