5 Reasons The KED Will Be Wildly Awesome

The Kingsway Entertainment District or the KED for short is a potential development by the City of Greater Sudbury that has great opportunity. The development which many in the city think will be extremely successful in attracting jobs, tourism and growth in the Minnow Lake area. 

The KED will be one of the biggest investments for future growth that this city has ever seen. The area which is a short distance from the city core is projected to tout many amenities that can be piggy backed by all types of industries. 

When the Kingsway Entertainment District comes on line we will most likely see some great new attractions that the city BIA currently lacking. The project, which faces many obstacles right now has the potential to put Greater Sudbury on the map in North Eastern Ontario and really make the city a destination and employment hub for the north. 

The KED’s success however remains to be seen. Greater Sudbury has a group of naysayers that are doing everything they can to stop the project. 

Despite all of these distractions the KED remains the number one potential project that will have the greatest impact on Greater Sudbury. If the project gets stalled  long enough that it is eventually derailed, Sudbury would have missed out in yet another golden opportunity for jobs and growth. 

However the naysayers say it will be a burden on the community and we couldn’t disagree more. Here is a small list of 5 reasons the KED will be wildly successful. 

Attract more people – The KED will attract more people to Greater Sudbury. With the amenities that are planned in the area we will see people coming into the city and staying longer. 

Greater Sudbury doesn’t really have an anchor tourism attraction that will bring people here and keep them here. With the KED we will most likely see that. 

Create jobs – It’s no secret that in Sudbury jobs are needed. This project will without a doubt create jobs in all industries. You will see hospitality jobs, construction jobs, trades jobs and many more spin off jobs when the workers start spending money. 

Increase of home prices in area – Like with any other major development the are which surrounds it will see a bump in home prices. The home values in Minnow Lake will most certainly rise. The area will become more desirable and when you see the demand increase you will see the home prices grow.

Increase of property tax revenue – When the home prices grow we will see the city have an increase in property tax revenue. This increase in property tax revenue will help the city take care of the cities most vulnerable citizens. 

The revenue increase to the city will also allow the city to reinvest in many more projects that will ultimately help the growth and success of the KED. 

Parking – This project will have an ultimate advantage over other projects in the city because it will have the ability to have parking. The city currently has a parking problem which they fail to acknowledge. 

These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. When the KED is built we will see an unprecedented amount of growth in the community. We will also have a district to be proud of. 

With the building of the Kingsway Entertainment District we will have an area in our city to be proud of. The area can be a showcase of what the North has to offer.