5 Free Places To Go And Enjoy During The Beginning Of A Sudbury Summer

There is so much to do in Sudbury right now that you won’t have any problems finding some free and enjoyable experiences in Sudbury. 

Sudbury may be home to some of the most unique experiences in Ontario. With an abundance of lakes, walking paths and overall amenities, It is no wonder that Sudbury is enjoying a boom. 

If you are looking to do some gallivanting in the Nickel City we might have the perfect activity for you to try. 

Rotary Park 

Rotary Park is a beautiful trail that most people enjoy in all four seasons. However, if you are looking for a nice walk during the summer months, this might be the one for you. 

Pick Blueberries

Sudbury certainly is one of the blueberry capitals of the world. You can tell this by the number of cars parked all over doing the picking. Nonetheless picking blueberries is a good way to spend the day and get some exercise. Watch out for those bears though.

Lounge at Moonlight Beach

You could take a relaxing lounge at moonlight beach on the magnificent shores of Ramsey lake. Moonlight beach may not be the main beach it for anyone who doesn’t feel like being anywhere downtown, it’s the perfect alternative. 

USW Local 6500 Picket Line 

It is still legal at this point to go and visit a USW Local 6500 striker. The community has given them tremendous support and should you visit you will probably learn what they are sacrificing for. 

Walk On The Boardwalk

Taking a walk on the boardwalk can get you some pretty stellar views of some wildlife. If you enjoy bird watching and exercise this may be the perfect place for you.