30 Ways You Can Save Money In 2020

Are you tired of being broke as a joke? I bet when you look at your bank statement you wonder how you can save a little more money. Don’t worry, lots of people are in the same position but don’t know where to start. 

When you think about saving money I bet it makes you stressed. Saving money shouldn’t be hard and it isn’t. Many people enjoy saving money and make it fun. 

What’s more fun than knowing you are putting a little bit of money away in case you need it? Well, honestly I can think of many things that are more fun but that’s not the point. 

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The point of the matter is you may want to save to buy a house one day. If that isn’t your gig or you already have a house then maybe you want to save to take the kids to Disney Land or on a first class flight to Paris, France. 

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to save a little bit of money there really should be no excuse why you can’t. Sometimes saying you can’t is really the only reason why you can’t. 

You may be asking yourself, what should I do if I want to save money? Well the answers are simple and will astound you really. 

Saving money isn’t really that hard. If you take a look around you and determine what your true priorities really are. Take a look around and determine what you really need in your life and what you really want.

If you are serious about saving even $1 next week than we have a list for you. We just made a list with 30 things you can do or cut out from your life today that will save you money. 

Are you ready to dig in to that list and start saving money? If so the. Let’s get started.

30 Ways You Can Save Money In 2020

Quit Smoking

It is now 2020 and you shouldn’t be smoking. Everyone know that smoking is a disgusting and expensive habit. Do you want to save money? Then cut out the $15+ a pack habit and think about the money you will save.

Stop eating out 

Do you like eating out? Well so do a lot of people. If you cut eating out you will save big bucks. Think about how much that steak cost at the butcher compared to the fancy restaurant. 

Don’t buy fast food

Buying fast food will not only make you unhealthy but it certainly will cost you money. If you don’t buy fast food you will save money. 

Open a separate savings account

Open yourself a savings account. By doing this you will be on your way to changing your mindset about saving. 

Automatically transfer money to a savings account

Go to your bank and set up a system where you automatically transfer money to the savings account you just set up. Whether it is $5, $10, $25 or even $100 a week. Every little bit will add up and you won’t miss it. 

Buy regular gas instead of premium

Do you know the price difference between regular and unleaded gasoline? I bet you would be surprised. You can save $10-$30 per fill up just by downgrading on the petro. 

Stop buying coffee everyday

If you stop hitting up the Starbucks or local Timmies every morning and brew your own coffee at home you will save money. Since it is uber cheap to make coffee at home you can save anywhere from $30-$90+ a month just by drinking your fresh home brewed java.

Don’t travel as much

Imagine a live where you travel every weekend or month for leisure when you don’t have to. Then imagine if you are that person complaining that you are always broke. Well cut out that travel and watch your bank grow. 

How many times do you need to see the CN Tower anyways?

Work overtime

If your job allows you to pick up an extra shift here and there then do it. Working some overtime now and then to do things you like isn’t that bad. 

Get a second job

Look at you getting a second job! That’s awesome because not only are you motivated to make money but you aren’t lazy.

Be thrifty when doing groceries

How many times have you picked up the name brand item and tried it and it sucked? If you are trying something out for the first time then try a cheaper alternative. Maybe it taste better anyways. 

Bring lunch to work

So you’re a big shot, hustling and going out for lunch meetings. Ya well let me tell you something, that’s a waste of money. You can bring a lunch to work and enjoy it just as much. 

Cancel your cable TV 

Cable TV is the way of the dinosaurs and with the many other options you have in today’s digital world you can save some cash not having it. If you like movies then get Netflix not the movie network package. Just saying… 

Cancel your home phone 

Do you have all the fixings? Home phone, cable, cell phone and everything? If you cancel that home phone and just have a cell phone you can save a bit of cash. How many times do you want to torcher yourself with telemarketers anyways?

Scale back on your cell phone

How much data do you really need? Do you have a wifi connection at your house or work. Utilize that before getting the ultimate data package for much more money. 

Invest in stock market 

Invest some money in the stock market. Be careful though because the goal is to save money not lose it. 

Put money in RRSP’s

Go see your bank and see what type of rrsp’s they offer and what the minimum amount you need to start investing is. I bet you would be surprised by the answer. 

Create a budget

If you don’t know where to start to create a budget don’t worry. You can find tons of blogs like this one or money saving websites that will let you know how to do it for free. Google is your friend not your enemy. 

Drive a cheaper car

Are you that kid driving a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord when a Chevy anything will do. Maybe look at a Mazda. You could be that person driving a brand new car or truck that could have the same everything with a year or two older model. This ain’t a hard choice. 

Save on home energy costs

You can easily save on home energy costs by regulating the temperature of your home or apartment. This is easy and with the right thermostat can help save you money every month. 

Drink at home instead of the bar

Stop wasting hundreds at the bar buying $8 beers when you can sit at home with your buds and go on tinder and invite people over for a fraction of the cost. A case of beer is much cheaper than going to the bar. 

Buy second hand furniture 

Do you want to refurbish your homestead? Of course you do. Take a look at some second hand furniture and you will be surprised at what you will find. A little bit of Lysol on the leather couch is a lot cheaper than buying brand new.

Give yourself an allowance 

Give yourself an allowance. When you get paid give yourself some cash and don’t blow it all in one place. That will force you to stop spending frivolously. 

Buy your food in bulk

Buying your food in bulk is one of the easiest way to save cash longer term. Price match and do some math the next time you are at Costco. Even go to the Bulk Barn and see how much you can save just by buying more at once. 

Don’t buy junk food 

Let’s be real here. It isn’t a secret to anyone. You don’t need that bag of chips. 

Cancel your gym membership

How many months in a row have you been paying for that gym membership? How many days in a row have you gone to the gym? 

Stop gambling 

The life of a gambler. If you haven’t figured it out the house always wins. 

Stop shopping on your credit card

If you can’t afford something when you see it don’t buy it. You will pay upwards of 20% interest on that purchase so don’t be a fool. 

Don’t buy bottled water

The biggest racket there is, bottled water. You have water in your taps at your house so why are you buying bottled water? If you do buy bottled water then do yourself a favour and buy it in bulk. What a waste of money bottled water is. 

Quit buying clothes you don’t need

Do you need that outfit or 16th pair of shoes? Probably not and if you look in your closet and have clothes you have never worn than don’t buy it. 

Find a free hobby 

This is probably the hardest thing to find on the list and is why it’s the last one. If you can’t find a free hobby don’t worry. We just gave you 30 ways to save you money without finding one. 

Ways to save money

Saving money should be fun so don’t stress out about it. You can however do little things in your life that can put some cold hard cash back in your pocket!