26 Things To Do While Self Quarantined During Coronavirus

The last thing we wanted to do right now is write anything about the Coronavirus. Unfortunately we seen far to many people online appearing bored.

If you are bored however we figured we can help you out with that. We decided to compile a list of 26 things to do while self quarantined during the Coronavirus.

It may only be day 1 or 2 for you and you may think I will not get bored. That is ok because you are the minority. Most people will probably get a little bit of cabin fever and stir crazy sitting around the house doing nothing.

This lack of entertainment and stimulus is really the hardest thing about self quarantining. For some odd reason the same people who can’t wait to retire from their job are the same ones who can’t sit still and act like they are retired.

Nonetheless we have to find things to amuse us or keep us busy. This list of ideas is just the beginning and once started we are sure you will keep the momentum going and come up with even more exciting things to do.

26 Things To Do While Self Quarantined During Coronavirus

Do Laundry

Do some laundry… Im sure you have a house full of dirty clothes or at least some dirty close that need washing. If you need detergent or Tide Pods you can click here.

Wash Hardwood Floors

Do you have hardwood floors? When was the last time you cleaned them? Well now is your time to make them shine. If you need cleaning supplies like a Swiffer then check these options out.

Cook Food

Cook some food and enjoy it. We find it is always entertaining and fun to whip up a great dish. You may even notice you need some new pots and pans. If this is the case we can help.

Eat Food

What do 90% of people do when they bored? They eat a ton of food. Thats ok for now because nobody is judging.

Play Board Games

Play some board games like Monopoly, Connect 4 or Jenga. This will distract you from the time for a bit.

Make a Puzzle

Making a puzzle is a good way to destroy some time. If you are looking to do something challenging do a puzzle with over 1000 pieces. Some of the best puzzle can be found right here.

Watch Neflix

Watch some Netflix with the family. We just have an abundance of time so why not find that unexpected series that you can have a Netflix marathon with. If you are having trouble finding a title to watch then check out this list of 10 Things To Watch On Netflix During The March Break In 2020.

Shovel The Yard

If you are looking for an excuse to burn some energy than this is it. You have a yard full of snow so why not shovel it? This will be excellent exercise for you. Have you already packed away the shovels? You can get brand new ones here.

Read A Book

Lets dig deep into some adventure right now. Nothing has ever killed more time than reading a long book. Not only will it kill the time but it will take your mind off of all the bananas stuff going on in the world. The list of books you could read is long so check it out here.

Learn How To Cook

Try and learn to cook. This is a life skill so if you already know how to cook then maybe teach someone else to cook.

Have Sex

Nothing says a baby boom is coming in the year 2021 like everyone being isolated in March/April 2020. Maybe while you are at it take a look at the baby clothes you can find.

Declutter Closets

Declutter those closets and make some room for some new clothes. When this is all over you will deserve to do some shopping. Retail therapy will be a saviour in about 2 months.

Organize Bedrooms

Organizing your bedroom can be fun and therapeutic. Sometimes you need to mix it up and by organizing your bedrooms you may find some happy time. Crank some tunes and just start moving.

Organize House

Organizing the house may be one of those things that have been put on the back burner for years. If that sounds like you then these next few weeks might not even be long enough!

Clean Garage

Cleaning out the garage should be on the list of all garage owners. Since it spring time and probably the time of year where you were going to clean it out anyways, this may be a good idea.

Sort Out Spring Clothes

When we change seasons we change clothes. Now is the time to clean out the old winter clothes and make the transition to spring clothes in your closet. While doing that you may want to try the clothes on and make sure some of them still fit.

Play X-Box or Playstation

Many gamers have been waiting for this moment in history for a very long time. You now have the ability to get into a video game and not leave the TV for days. The only question to gamers is, are you ready? If you don’t know where to start then look here.

Learn How To Use Social Media

If most people in this world didn’t use social media just for ranting then would be a funner hobby for some of us to use. Learn how to use social menus correctly and don’t lose family and friends because of it.

Grow Your Social Media Following

Once you have learned to use social media correctly then maybe grow your following. Did you know Influencers come in many different age groups?


If you are looking for a healthy way to pass the time than exercising is absolutely what you want to do. Go on the treadmill or the exercise bike and get your heart rate up. If you sit around eating junk food all day, you will become a whale.

Stop Smoking

If there was ever a time when someone could or should stop smoking it would be now. Being in the middle of a infectious lung disease epidemic sounds like a great time to quit that nasty habit.

Go On A Diet

Going on a diet may be one of the hardest things to do right now. If you are ready to make some serious life changes it could be the best thing you do right now.

Read The Dictionary

Have you ever wanted to know what today but couldn’t find the correct word for it? Well after this little stint you may never have to experience that again. Expand your vocabulary so when you interact with the population again you can seem like the pompous one.

Start A Blog

Do you like writing? Do you feel like you have something to say? Then start a blog! Its easy, fun and you won’t regret it. We will also let you know how it is done in a few days so stay tuned to how to do that!

Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast could be one of the easiest things to do. Unfortunately we haven’t done it yet so we have no idea. Maybe look at some of the equipment it takes and if its something you may enjoy then start one up. Send us your link and we will put it on our instagram account somehow.

Create An Instagram Account

Speaking of instagram… Start up an Instagram account if you haven’t already. This would be a great time to document your life through pictures. you won’t regret it.

These are just some of the ideas to do while in self quarantine. We just hope that some of these ideas snowball for you and you can get even more ideas to keep yourself busy while self distancing from others.

Just for a bit of disclosure for you all. This article has links that if clicked give the potential for us to make some money. Its not a lot of money and no one is getting rich.

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