17 Unmistakable Signs You Went To A Sudbury High School In The 90’s

Sudbury High School 90's

Sudbury’s high school life was a lot different in the 90’s than it is today. The culture and lifestyle gaps between then and now are almost as wide as the space that was between Schwarzenegger’s pre-2K teeth.

Sudbury was still Sudbury at that time and many people look back to the younger years they spent growing up in the 90’s with a lot of love. It was an era that showed no indication of the “Greater” things that the future would bring to the Nickel City and the rest of the world.

The 90’s allowed kids to grow up amongst extremely unacceptable behaviour and opposing viewpoints, some of which would certainly provoke the cancel culture outrage of today. Nonetheless, in a time when almost everything was on the table, the teenagers who went to high school in the 90’s likely grew up remembering it to be near perfection.

Not ruled by cell phones, we connected in the hallways or hacked some darts in the smoking section. We didn’t take pictures of ourselves and with the mullets we were rocking and the activities we were taking part in, we’re glad now that we didn’t.

Let nostalgia rain down and take note of these 17 unmistakable signs you went to a Sudbury high school in the 90’s.

17 Unmistakable Signs You Went To A Sudbury High School In The 90’s

City Centre Food Court At Lunch – If you went to high school anywhere near the downtown area then the scent of Cinnabon is probably still in your nose. The food court upstairs at the Rainbow Mall, which was known as the City Centre back in the 90’s, it was a great spot for decent fast food restaurants like Sanpa Pizza, Manhattan Fries, and The Great Canadian Steak and Potato.

Burger King Downtown – The Burger King downtown on the corner of Elm and Durham was another favorite for those schooling close by. This burger joint was there for quite some time before becoming a radio station headquarters. High school students walked up the ramp like young royals to feast on a whopper or other signature Burger King dish.

Varsity Billiards – Varsity Billiards was one of the most popular pool hangouts of that era. If you were into 9-ball, snooker or any other form of billiards, this was the place to go. People that didn’t even play pool would hit up Varsity just to join in. If you were playing, you’d pay by the hour and hang in groups. Varsity Billiards was a good weekend spot, too, either on a date or hanging out with your buddies. There is even a fable of how you could get into a little gin rummy match, if you were old or brave enough.

Bus Transfers to Lasalle Secondary – Many students in the surrounding areas of downtown decided to go to Lasalle Secondary School. One of the key features of going to the school was taking the Sudbury Transit and having to transfer downtown onto the Lasalle Cambrian bus. Back in these days if you weren’t in a special program you weren’t eligible for a school bus ride to the school of your choice.

Lo-Ellen Park Summer School – Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School offered some great summer school education. Of course, you were probably going to the school for a few weeks catching up on some failed classes, but, if you did, it’s likely that you had a great time.

St. Charles Cardinals Hockey Team – The St. Charles Cardinals Hockey Team was one of the best high school hockey teams in the province back in the 90’s. Rivalries with other local schools were plenty but in the end they dominated play for the first half of the decade, anyways. The loud chants and obnoxious mascot were major players if you went to a high school hockey game that St. Charles was taking part in.

Marymount Academy – The Marymount Academy was only one of two English Catholic high Schools in Sudbury in the 90’s and by the mid-90’s they were the only single-sex high school. This is something that still stands to this day.

St. Charles Was All Boys – St. Charles College was the only all-boys high school and remained that way until the mid-90’s. Going forward, the school would accept females.

St. Charles Moved Beside Solid Gold – This was big news in the 90’s. The Solid Gold, a strip club, took up residence in the location adjacent to the popular all-boys high school in New Sudbury. At the time, the parents and residents had launched massive campaigns, claiming that the young men would waste countless hours in the bar instead of at school. Maybe they did, who knows.

Battle Of The Bands – In the era of 90’s grunge and alternative rock, the city of Sudbury hosted many of the most popular Battle of The Bands weekends in the north. It also wasn’t uncommon to see a few good bands on a Saturday night at any one of the local halls.

Norma Jeans – To the underage drinking crowd of the early 90’s there was a popular dance bar that rocked the nightlife scene and was fairly lenient when it came to letting in all comers. If you went there, you probably had one of those fake ID’ on those old laminated, blue paper licences that were so easy to change.

City Lights – City lights had a combination of teen dances and a techno bar. The place was huge, centrally located, and a good spot to load up on a few stories to tell in homeroom on Mondays.

International Hotel & Copacabana – The Kathleen Street bar was popular among high school seniors. Whether you went to Sudbury Secondary, Lockerby Composite, or any other high school. The place had a bar side where you could guzzle dollar drafts and play pool or you could go to the copa side and listen to a 90’s band that was racing the place. Plenty of evenings, you could venture out back to catch a brawl taking place before or just after closing.

Caruso Club Dances – Not to make it seem like every high schooler was out underage drinking, many held off on the bar scene. The still went out and had fun, though. If they weren’t out at a battle of the bands or a bar, the Caruso Club dances were a choice location to burn off all that teen spirit. This was especially true if you were a junior in high school.

Completed OAC – The mid to late 90’s ended an era of higher education. Before the everyone-passes crowd took over, you needed OAC to attend University in Ontario. This meant that if you had no intention of going to or applying for university, you could go to college with four years of high school. The keeners that wanted a University Education had to suffer through another year in OAC.

Smoking In A High School Smoking Section – Lets face it, back in the 90’s it seemed like everyone smoked. Hell, if you went to school in the late 80’s you could still smoke in the classroom. By the 90’s, however, most high schools had a smoking section where kids would congregate between classes to have a few puffs. These areas were also popular for the kids on spares or those that were skipping class.

The Mullet – The mullet was still around in the early 90’s and some of the high school lads in Sudbury at the time rocked that party-in-the-back ‘do with pride. Paired with a faux-leather 8-ball jacket, you couldn’t go wrong.

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