16 Things Sudbury Could Have Used $125,000 For Instead Of The New KED Consultant Report

Once upon a time there was a city council in Greater Sudbury that hired a consultant to help them choose a site to build an event centre. That almost sounds like it could be the beginning of a story that could happily put you to sleep.

If you are from Greater Sudbury and been following the Kingsway Entertainment District saga that story doesn’t put you to sleep. That is the story that has become an endless source of deja vu.

This week’s reoccurence came when Greater Sudbury City council not only officially pumped the breaks on the KED or anything associated with it, but also hired a consultant to help them with a decision that was made in 2017.

To add an even greater level of bizarre, the request to hire a consultant was voted against by long time KED opponent Mark Signoretti. That not only raises flags as to why the report is being conducted but also shows how radically dumb the idea is that Greater Sudbury would need to hire a consultant to give them an answer they already know. Quite frankly, it should be irrelevant.

Since the decision to build the KED was made some time ago and all the appeals where defeated, Trendin Sudbury decided to list 16 things Greater Sudbury could have more wisely spent the $125,000 on.

16 Things Sudbury Could Have Used $125,000 For Instead Of The New KED Consultant Report

9218 Vegan Corn Dogs from the Townehouse

7,822 packages of Cottonelle Ultra clean care toilet paper

4169 packages of diapers

10416 orders of onion rings from Peddler’s Pub

14,092 packages of BIC pencils

1470 forehead thermometers

2976 Dozen gluten free cupcakes from Beard’s Coffee Bar and Bakery

3125 Yeti sports water bottles

1041 Bread Makers by Hamilton Beach

6253 clown masks

2603 Homz t-leg ironing boards

1337 body pillows

20833 Churros from Tucos Taco Lounge

8338 Micro USB flash drives

2660 Oral-B Pro 500 Gum Care Electric Toothbrush

8338 packs of 500 flexible disposable plastic drink straws

As you can see, there are plenty of other uses for the $125,000 than spending the money on a consultant for this project.