16 Stay At Home Date Ideas For Under $50 Every Sudbury Couple Will Love

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Whether you’re young and broke, middle-aged and short on ideas, or past-your-prime and in a rut, these 22 Valentine’s Day ideas will add some spark to your special day without zapping all of the cash from your purse.

Were also going to assume that you’re not completely tapped financially and that you have the basic items in your home to be able tondo these things.

Are some of these quirky? Maybe. Are some of these silly? Quite possibly. Will engaging in some of these activities make you feel foolish? Again, who knows. What is known is that all of these ideas are better than half of most lameduck lovers can come up with, which is usually not much. How many times can your spouse fake a smile as they open that same box of Costco chocolates?

These 16 stay at home date ideas for under $50 are straightforward recipes to fun and mostly romantic ways to woo your lover without spending a lot of dough.

Cooking for Two

Find your favorite YouTube chef and follow along together or choose a recipe out of an old cookbook. If you’re short on specific ingredients, look up a next-best replacement from the depths of your cupboards or even wing it. The point is to have fun and maybe enjoy a good meal.

Portrait a la Jack – sketch each other

Break out your sketchbook and some basic drawing tools and make like Leo DiCaprio. A little wine is sure to take things from silly to sultry in no time. Your artistic levels might have your lover looking like Toucan Sam wearing 90’s-Madonna pointy-boob stage wear but, hey, your sweetheart is already in the buff.

At Home Spa Day

Faces, feet, hands, and any other body part that fits the bill can all be part of the fun by having a DIY spa day. Set the scene with some gentle air infusers, soft lighting, and ambient music. Do each others nails and follow up with a hand or foot massage. Whip up some mud masks, grab your exfoliants, break out your body lotions, and cut up some cucumbers. Hell, make things interesting and keep them long.

Play Dress-up

Nobody is suggesting that you reach into the Tickle Trunk and don a floppy hat and funny shoes but just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you should both look like schlubs. Take some time to doll yourselves up. Reach into the closet and find your fanciest duds. Sit down with one another and have a romantic meal. See where it goes.

Cocktail Party for Two

Got some bottles of booze kicking around? Sure, you could slug whiskey shots until your both sheepfaced but it would be almost as easy to step it up a notch. Go online and find some simple cocktails that the two of you would enjoy drinking and, most of all, making together. Keep things light or go for a fancy feel. Both will will work.

Home Video Session

Forget watching movies. Why not make one? Round up your selfie sticks, put that dusty Nikon on the tripod, and use your smartphones to recreate a scene from a movie that you both love. It’s easy to assume that you thought this was going to go in another direction. There’s always that, too, perverts.

Go Old School Radio

YouTube and chill? Go old school and find some radio broadcasts from the 30, 40’s and 50’s. Light some candles and use nothing but candlelight. Choose something romantic and swoon or something spooky and hold each other tight. The genre really doesn’t matter. Vintage radio broadcasts have a quality that is pure romance from the start.

Learn to Dance Together

Again with the YouTube? Seriously, who knew that YouTube was killing it in date night activities? You can find an instructional video on almost any subject on YouTube and dance is no different. Clear some space and set up a dance floor. Bonus points if you’ve got one of those hanging mirror balls. Try your hands at a tango or a rumba. If it doesn’t work out, just do your turn-in-circles dance that you’ve been doing since grade seven.

Indoor Camping

Set up a makeshift tent or blanket fort and cuddle up in your sleeping bags. Roast some marshmallows in the oven or , even better, make some  Tell ghost stories beside a virtual campfire. A wilderness livestream or a virtual stargazing session are other great options to give things a great faux-outdoors feel, as are plenty of candles or lanterns.

Ghost Her

Unchain your melodies and reach for some more art supplies. Now, you may not have clay and a pottery wheel on the ready. You probably don’t look like Demi Moore or Patrick Swayze, either. It doesn’t matter. Break out some Play-Doh, if you must, and sculpt something together or do another craft that will get you close up and connected. Once again, it’s all about finding fun and romance.

Backyard BBQ

Weather permitting, grilling up some grub over a wintery backyard BBQ is a super groovy way to fill up your bellies and your love buckets. Say ‘love buckets’ in a Barry White voice. Do it right now. Make that the nickname for you or your spouse during the night of your date. Channel Kim Mitchell and hang up some patio lanterns. Add in a campfire to heat things up a little more. Being out in the snow is also a perfect time to get playful.

Classic Sports

If one or both of you are sports fans than this one will be easy and enjoyable. Choose a classic sports match-up on YouTube and dress accordingly. Jerseys, caps, and foam fingers can all be used to give your night an at-the-game feel. The same thing goes for popping some popcorn and throwing in a few beers.

Casino Night

Lay all your chips on the line with a DIY night at the casino. Poker, blackjack, or any other casino-related game can all be played to fuel a night full of passion and fun. Flip the script and play each game using their naughtier counterparts. What happens in Vegas…

Overdub a Movie

Movie nights are great if you’re looking for a passive activity with limited opportunity for conversation and a strong possibility that one of you might fall asleep. To amp up the fun and increase the connection, choose a movie that both you and your partner are familiar with then watch it with the volume turned down. Take turns voicing the dialogue of your favorite characters or make up some brand new lines. Laughs and good times will follow.

Beach Day

This one really depends on the willingness of its participants to think outside the box.  Throw in some beach balls, a livestream of a beach of your choosing, and sport nothing but your skimpies. Feast on shrimp cocktails or any other seafood that pleases you. If you’re really adventurous you could even fill up a kiddie pool. If a pool of water in the middle of your living room makes you feel uneasy, prepare some jello ahead of time or use whip cream.

Movie and Drinks

If you really feel that a movie night is what you’re comfortable with, why not spice things up and turn the viewing into a drinking game. Choose a certain words or a character and take a drink each time they pop up. Change up the rules to suit your tastes. It’s a fairly simple way to break up the passive gaze with an interjection of fun and anticipation

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