16 No-Doubt-About-It Signs You’re From Sudbury, Ontario

No matter which area of the city we live in, Greater Sudbury locals share many traits that define their status as Sudburians.

Whether it’s our willingness to blaze through a snowstorm at speeds well-above the posted limits, our complete nonchalance towards earthquakes, or our never-ending fight against progress, Nickel City citizens are surely a unique breed.

Proud of it or not, what follows are 16 no-doubt-about-it signs that you’re from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

16 no-doubt-about-it signs that you’re from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

You drive to Sturgeon Falls to get your gas.

Your favourite farm animal is porketta.

Traffic laws are only in effect when a police car is present.

Your tap water water tastes like bleach.

Your nickel doesn’t fit in your pocket.

You know Susan Piquette’s phone number.

You experience rain, snow, and sunshine all in one day.

Your burger joint only has one arch.

You constantly drive in the passing lane.

The 330 local lakes are actually potholes.

The smell of matches makes you homesick.


You properly pronounce sauna.

Your garbage man is a black bear.

Your number one source for news relies on local blogs for content ideas.

Watching molten rock is considered date night.

A guy says the city is full of drunken gamblers, so you honour him with a statue.