11 Unique Family Day Weekend Activities in Sudbury That Aren’t Hiking or Skating

Finding Family Day Weekend activities in Greater Sudbury might be tough for some parents, if they’re looking for something different.

Many Sudburians might be looking to go beyond the tired and routine suggestions of skates, hikes and ice fishing considering we live in a city full of people that do these things all the time and, in all likelihood, had already planned on doing these things prior to receiving the suggestions.

If you’ve finished your morning skate, hiked your favorite trail, caught your limit, and are still looking for more, here are 11 unique ideas for Family Day Weekend activities in Greater Sudbury.

11 Unique Family Day Weekend Activities in Sudbury That Aren’t Hiking or Skating

Go Through Photo Albums

The ever-popular journey down memory lane. Dust off all of those memory cards, USB drives, and external hard drives that otherwise never see the light of day and actually go through them together. Watching Billy shriek through his second grade Christmas concert or seeing Marie’s wailing face during her first trip to the dentist will surely bring out some joy!

Random Act of Kindness

Brainstorm a few ideas and hit the town with bags full of kindness. Deliver some thank you cards to some of your most adored friends and family. Put up Post-it notes or full-on posters around town featuring inspirational messages. Use food coloring and spray bottles to lay out some hearts in the snow. Get creative!

Pizza Party

Pizza is always a hit but a homemade pizza party will knock it out of the park. The combination of everyone’s favorite ingredients, everyone’s combined efforts, and everyone’s mouths chomping down on something everyone made together is about as Family Day as you can get.

DIY Dairy Queen

This is the colder, less saucy version of the homemade pizza party and in the minds of the younger ones, probably a lot more fun. Sample as many ice cream flavours that your freezer can hold. Break out as many ice cream accompaniments as you can find. Make milkshakes, banana splits or any other frozen treats that you can all gorge on together. For some non-gorging fun you can make placeholders for each ingredient or have someone play the ice cream man.

Family Charades

Even though it sounds like it belongs in the 1950’s, a game of family charades is a lot of fun. Everyone can get involved writing up ideas before game time. As always, themes are great ways to tie everything together and will also make the guessing a little easier on everyone.


If you’re not familiar with Jackbox games, you should be. Available across most video game platforms, Jackbox games are great for groups and a heck of a lot of fun. The games are linked up via a special room code online and played on your phone. Using an additional camera or tablet in combo with the Zoom app, you would even be able to incorporate family members from other households or those from out of town.

Formal Dinner

This might sound a little stuffy when you read the sub-heading but a formal dinner will be more fun you think if you think outside the box. Treat the whole day as a big event. Have everyone get dressed up to the nines. Dad can shave with the young lads and pick out some decent duds while Mom and the girls get prepped in their own way. Make something yourselves or order in; whatever works best for your family. From there, simply enjoy the meal and the company of your family.

Scavenger Hunt

This one is also a classic for many reasons, one them being that it’s a super easy way to play. Scavenger hunts are also big fun. Make lists ahead of time relating to your chosen search area and scavenge it up. For some extra family focus, you can write up special clues in combination with personalized treasures in the form of sweet messages or past memories and hide them along the hunt.


Everyone loves to sing and even if they don’t, it might be fun to hear what comes out of them. Go full rock mode and have everyone dress up as a superstar of their choice. Youtube has karaoke music to sing along to and enough variety in genres for everyone to be able to participate, regardless of age. If this doesn’t turn into a dance party before the night ends, you’re doing it wrong.

Music Video

Making Tik-Tok videos is one thing but why not take it a step further and produce your own family music video. Put your heads together and choose a song that everyone would like to perform. Decide on some shooting locations around town or at home, gather up whatever props you need and shoot some footage. Use your favorite video editing app to complete your masterpiece. Happy viewing!

Family Movie Night

While not entirely unique, movie nights are groovy so it’s on the list. Go big with the popcorn and snacks, break out as many pillows and blankets as your living room can hold, and watch some classic movies. Simplify your choices by working with a theme, like superhero films or only films starring John Candy. Talk about what you love about each film or make the rounds sharing each family members favorite parts after the movies finish.