11 Of The Most Canadian Snacks You Will Ever Find & They’re Awesome

What is more patriotic for a Canadian than boasting about the snacks we have in this country? There are plenty of Canadian snacks that don’t even make it south of the border and we are super happy about that because they are all ours.

Some of the Canadian snacks that we have can certainly make anyone jealous who hasn’t had the chance to try them. If you are American then you are missing out on some of the tastiest treats the world has to offer.

Whether its a made in Ontario solution to our cravings and lust of chocolate or the major obesity problem south of the border, none of these tasty treats treats are available to our fine neighbours. Some of these snacks are just far more superior than anything made in the U.S.A..

11 Of The Most Canadian Snacks You Will Ever Find

Hickory Sticks

Some of Hostess Canada’s most sought-after snackfoods. These little, salty bites of goodness are great on their own but try them with some good ol’ Canadian cheese and your mind will be blown!

Kinder Surprise

The little chocolate egg that gives you a surprise inside every time.

Kraft Dinner

This may be the best snack for every half-drunk Canadian around. If you are ever looking to eat a decent meal after a night of boozing, this is the ticket.

McCain Deep And Delicious Cake

Who can forget getting your McCain Deep and Delicious cakes as a youngster and being super excited. At one point, KFC even offered them with a bucket of chicken!

Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft Peanut Butter is ours. This was every Canadian student’s favorite midday snack. Kids drooled like dogs while freely eating Kraft peanut butter sandwiches amongst their peers. Unfortunately, you can’t do that now because of all the allergies. At one time, however, it was a school lunch that many of us enjoyed.

Aero Chocolate Bar

Areo is a Canadian favourite when it comes to chocolate. We have enjoyed this for years at Halloween and at movies across our country.

Hawkins Cheezies

When it comes to salty cheesies these stand out as the absolute best. You absolutely love licking the cheese powder of your fingers, don’t you!

Dill Pickle Chips

Nothing beats Dill Pickle chips. They are all ours and we couldn’t imagine a life without them!

Ketchup Chips

You won’t believe it but ketchup chips are all ours. It’s super surprising too! Could you imagine a country that loves ketchup so much that they made a flavour of chips after it? Well that’s us!

All Dressed Chips

Tangy as it comes. These chips rock the house down when they touch your tastebuds.


You’re a smarty art type of dude aren’t you? These little candies are the best when you are at the movies watching your perfect flick!

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