10 Outrageously Random Items You Can Get On Amazon For Under $25

Shopping on Amazon is more popular than ever. People are buying all types of stuff they think they need but, in the end, probably don’t. That doesn’t mean that the process is not without its rewards.

The beauty of buying things on Amazon is that if you are an Amazon Prime member you always have the comfort of knowing you can return anything you buy with no hassle. It’s no wonder that for some, Amazon shopping has become a pastime of sorts. 

Finding your next week-long favorite item will be easy as saying ‘Sham-wow’ when you consider ordering one of these outrageously random items off of Amazon for under $25. You probably spend more on a Timmie’s run, and if you don’t like it, well, you still had that one week of bliss.

Check out these 10 Amazon items that you didn’t know you needed 

Satin Pillow Cases

Price: $13.49

Details: Bedtime never felt so good. Not only will you be setting off to dreamland like a Nickel City royal, satin pillow cases generate less friction, so your hair will look less like Selma from the Simpsons and more like Khloé Kardashian from whatever she does.

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Cheese Grater

Price: $10.99

Details: Looking to make nachos? You’re going to need a cheese grater. When you’re finished with those, get crazy and use this cheese grater to grate potatoes to whip up some world-class potato pancakes!

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Cleaning Gel

Price: $11.99

Details: Getting dust and grime out of your car’s nooks and crannies will never be this easy. What’s better is that the kids will love to play with this stuff, so get them to do it.

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Car Trash Can With Lid

Price: $22.99

Details: Now that the your car is clean, keep it that way by having this low-pro trash can in it. You can toss your cheeseburger wrappers away with ease.

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Aztec Secret Healing Clay 

Price: $19.99

Details: The Aztecs were some seriously smart cats. Why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on this mysterious healing clay.

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Acne Pimple Healing Patch

Price: $24.46

Details: Does all of this mask wearing have your face looking like Adanac? If so, then you might want to try this.

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Meat Thermometer 

Price: $20.95

Details: Nobody likes food poisoning. Instead of potentially killing your dinner guests, have them reminiscing on the perfectly cooked meal you prepared.

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Shoe Glue 

Price: $20.80

Details: Really like your old kicks? Are they needing a little love? Perhaps this shoe glue will fix them up properly.

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Wireless iPhone Charger

Price: $24.98

Details: Who needs cables in 2021? It’s an amazing thing to be able to charge your device without a wire.

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Metal Shoe Horn

Price: $19.95

Details: Bending over to put a shoe on is for paupers. Enjoy one of the oldest inventions on the planet as well as the practicality of this amazing shoe horn.

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